In these videos I am often referring to being molded and fashioned by our Creator with the end game to be made in His image.

This is why we were created.

I have spoken about His commandment to be Holy as He is Holy.

Some have scoffed because I use the word holy because they make a claim that it comes from pagan sources.

I have spoken about this in the past so I won’t go into all of that again.

Holy is the word that most people who speak English can best relate to as far as a word that they can link to being like unto our Creator because most associate it with His perfect nature.

The Greek word that it is translated from carries the meaning to be set apart.

And the Hebrew word, quodesh that it is translated from carries with it the same idea of being set apart as well.

But it is more than just being set apart.

Being set apart is just a partial description of what the word means.

I have said before that to be holy could more accurately be stated that it is to be set apart from all that defiles His purpose.

But even this needs more clarification and more of a description.

Yehshua told us to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect.

Matthew did not use the Greek word that holy is translated from in this verse when He recorded Yehshua saying this.

This is because Yehshua was magnifying what being Holy or set apart from defilement is.

It is a perfecting process.

But what is the measuring rod that perfection is measured against?

Who’s standard is perfect derived from?

It is our Creator’s logos or His very nature that defines what perfection is.

His nature is without defilement.

Precept upon precept, we can define what defilement is as well.

It is any that opposes our Creator’s character or His nature.

I will give you an example;

When you think of evil, most of you do not think that a simple thing like not teaching our children our Creator’s Torah as being evil.

I am going to ask you to consider this from His viewpoint.

Let’s just suppose for a moment that He gave us His Torah to teach us His perfect righteous character as I have been proclaiming and let’s just suppose that this is why we were created as I have been proclaiming as well.

Since this is why He created us (if this is true), if you do not walk with Him in His blueprint that He gave us, then you are by default on a different path.

And now that you are on a different path, you are teaching your children a different path as well by your example.

The problem for you is, all other paths lead us to a make believe image of Him and therefore they lead to the lake of fire.

So by not teaching your children His path, you are directing them to the lake of fire and offering them up to satan.

Is this evil?

Do you think that I just gave you a make believe scenario?

No, this is the scenario that is outlined in His Torah but most of you do not know this because you could care less about His instructions and what they are anyway.

I get emails telling me how I am going to burn and how keeping the law does not save people and such.

They tell me how I am going to be under judgment because I teach people to keep the Torah and how I am false for covering my head, etc.

First of all, I never have once said that we are given eternal life by keeping the law in and of itself.

I have just said that He uses His Torah which is all of His commandments, statutes, judgments and ordinances to teach us His character or His logos.

And I have said that unless we are molded into His logos, we will in no way enter into His family.

We won’t achieve perfection while we are still here in the flesh, yet we sure had better be showing up for class each day.

I feel in pretty good company for teaching people that we must obey and live by every word of our Elohiym because His Son and the other prophets taught the same.

He has made me His prophet so I speak in His name.

I am a prophet of the Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He has raised me up out of the captivity to cry out to you.

I have recently spoken that we are being commanded at this time to cover our heads.

But I have made it clear that covering your heads on a physical plain is not going to insure that you are delivered by itself either.

I am saying that He is telling those who will come to Him to cover their heads as an outward sign that they are coming under the covering of His wings of protection and under the covering of His Son’s blood.

But in these videos I have said that His covering and having His Son’s blood applied on our behalf is conditional.

Both are conditional on our repentance which is turning from our paths to His path and His path is His Torah.

I keep repeating that covering your heads and keeping the commandments are not going to give anyone a ticket into the kingdom by themselves.

We have to become set apart to Him from all that defiles His perfection and His perfecting process.

It just so happens that He is instructing us to cover our heads as part of this separating process.

And yes, He is commanding this at this time.

He wants us to be set apart to Him and to His process.

We cannot remain in the world and still come to Him.

We cannot come to Him on our own terms, He gave us His terms.

His Torah separates us from the world and it separates us from all that defiles us.

I will give you some brief examples to show how His instructions teach us to perfect our love for Him and for one another;

Not loving your neighbor defiles our minds, it hardens our hearts.

Looking lustfully at another woman who is not your wife destroys the security that she has and it erodes her love for her husband; therefore it breaks down that which is pure.

It chips away at her heart and it defiles the man’s heart as well by separating his heart from what is pure with each wondering glance.

The example that I used a minute ago of not teaching our children His path leads to not affording them the opportunity to learn the depths of His love and His righteousness.

If we point them towards the lake of fire, how is this love?

Not obeying the instructions that He has given us to teach us to have right relationships with one another corrupts what we are given life to learn.

And our disobedience corrupts our minds.

Love is the answer to why we must keep His Torah; it teaches us how to love and how to think in a right way.

These are just a few examples.

But He also gave some instructions that do not make since to us at first glance that are designed to teach us purity and separation.

These commandments teach us to be separated to Him from the world.

An example would be; why is a woman instructed to not touch that which is holy, nor be able to enter into the sanctuary for 33 days after her 7 days of separation when she bears a child if it is a man child?

And why is this time doubled for bearing a female child?

Is this a negative commandment by design or a positive instruction?

As crazy as this question should sound to you, this is how those calling themselves Jewish today classify them.

They say that some of the instructions are negative.

Why would He give us negative instructions?

I can guarantee you that they are all positive in nature.

They might be to remind us of or to point us to a negative but this is so that we would beware of the negative that they are pointing us to and to teach us to turn from the examples of those who have gone astray before us.

They are given to point us to turn from any path that would cause us to receive our Creator’s correction or His separation from us.

An example of this is the animal sacrifices.

They were certainly an incredible burden but this was by design and the design is positive.

The burden was to point us to the burden that our transgressions are to us.

They are beautiful in design to help lead us away from that which would destroy us.

They were not against us as Saul of tarsus proclaimed.

They were given to teach us the extreme wickedness of our transgressions.

A person might want to say that they were just given to point us to our Messiah’s sacrifice but there was and is much more to their purpose.

I say “is” because we should reflect on why the sacrificial system was in place if we are to understand the fullness of Yehshua’s blood.
We should seek to understand why they were commanded.

Our Creator wants us to examine what our transgressions cause so that we would turn from them.

Our transgressions destroy that which He purposes in our lives.

They defile the reason why He created us which is to be made in His image as I keep saying.

The need for the sacrifices outlines and exposes the exceeding wickedness of following our own thoughts and going our own way.

They were to teach us the price tag of our sins.

And they were given so that we would learn to fight to not transgress that which He gave us to perfect us.

And ultimately, they were given to magnify the ultimate penalty for going our own way which is death.

If we would just consider and meditate on the process that Israel of old had to go through daily with the sacrifices and why they were commanded, then we can begin to understand the depth of Yehshua’s sacrifice.


But sadly most of you just want to say oh well, I will confess Yehshua’s name with my mouth and you think that all is fine and you keep going your own way.

You are denying why He shed His blood when you do this.

The blood was shed with the sacrifices so that Israel could continue in the covenant with YEHWEH.


He did not die so that we could go our own way and decide right from wrong for ourselves.

As weighty as those sacrifices were back then, how much more so should YEHWEH’s sacrifice of His Son be?

It should make us tremble and fear that we would be found taking the sacrifice that He made on our behalf lightly.

Instead, most of you trample His blood underfoot with little consideration of the implications of why He shed it.


The covenant includes walking with Him in His Torah because it teaches us His nature and He becomes our Elohiym and we become His children when we walk with Him in it.

Back to the example of a woman bearing children; the instruction was given as something to teach us separation unto Him and to teach us to have pure minds.

This is the same reason that we were given the rest of His Torah.

It is an instruction that is given to enhance the Mother’s commitment to raising her children in the way that they should go to set them apart from all that defiles.

It all goes back to learning to love His way.

Loving our children is teaching them the path to eternal life.

And His path teaches us the depths of His love.

The male child is to be circumcised on the 8th day to consecrate that child to Elohiym.

This is an act of entering into an agreement with Him to raise that child setting him apart to become holy or set apart from all defilement to his Creator.

Wanting that child to embark on a journey into eternity with His maker is true love because it leads to true love.

Raising the child to choose a different path is hatred and evil.

After the circumcision, the mother is to remain away from the sanctuary for 33 additional days.

Why is this?

It is because all instructions are given to set us apart and to teach us a mind set to remain set apart.

It is a focus that we must have and the separation commandments help teach us to have this focus.

The mother is unclean for 7 days plus 33 days of her separation totals 40 days.  The 8th day is included in this time.

He wants the mother to reflect on how Israel was sentenced to 40 years in the desert for their rebellion and to consider this in regards to her new born son and how she will raise him.

40 is representative of His judgment.

These 40 days are to be a time of reflection and dedication, dedicating to teach this child in the way that he should go.

Is this a negative? No, it is a positive and it is an awesome positive.

How about with the female child?

The mother is to be unclean for two weeks instead of 7 days, and then she is to remain separated from that which is holy for 66 days.

14 plus 66 is two 40 day periods.

Why double the time for the girl child?

The reason is twofold, she is to reflect on Eve’s sin in the garden and she is to reflect on what that transgression caused for all women to follow so that she would seek to teach her daughter to go a different path.

This reflection is designed to direct her to dedicate herself to be separate and to raise her daughter in a set apart way, opposite of the path that Eve chose.

She must teach her daughter to not decide right from wrong for herself as Eve chose to do.

And to teach her to think in a way that prevents satan from having access to her.

It is committing to raising her to escape the bondage of what Eve’s transgression caused.

It is a time of committing to raise her in a set apart way just as with her son, yet this double portion of time for the purification process is to point her to the attention and to the double responsibility that she has for her daughter.

Yes, I say double responsibility because the father bears more of the load with the son; this is just the way that it works.

Maybe it does not work this way in today’s culture but all things are backwards in today’s culture.

It is time to return to the ways of old and to make straight our path for our Messiah’s return and there is only one straight and narrow path.

And this straight path does not include deciding right from wrong for ourselves or telling Him how it is.

The children rule over the parents today just as was prophesied would happen.

Wives are dominating the role that was given to their husbands.

Husbands have rolled over and become the door mat.

Satan certainly has done a number on reversing the roles, especially with the family unit.

The world is all messed up but the good news is all will soon be restored.

The question that I have for you mothers is; why would you rob yourself of this 40 or 80 day consecration period that your Creator wants to use to help set you and your children apart to become His?

This does not make since.

You should delight in it.

The instruction is given so that we would reflect on what any other path leads to so that we would fear leading our children to any other path.

As with all of His instructions, they are to point us to His way so that we would always be mindful that it is all about learning His righteousness and setting ourselves apart to become His.

We must desire to flee from anything that might cause us or our children to have to spend 40 years in a desert.

His path teaches us to think in like manner to how He thinks; it is a paradigm shift into His reality.

Yehshua shed His blood so that we can enter into a covenant to walk with His Father on His path.

His path removes our way of thinking from us as we walk in it and it causes us to seek to think as He thinks.

And His path forces our lives to revolve around Him and not the world.

This is even so evident with how His weekly Sabbaths are determined and His 7th year Sabbaths.

We are in a 7th year Sabbath right now but most of you could careless or you scoff at such a notion today.

Instead of hearkening to His instructions, nearly all of you have done away with them including His 7th year Sabbath and you could care less that

His weekly Sabbaths revolve around a different calendar than you have been taught by the pagans.

Why is this?

His appointment times teach us to depend on Him and when we walk with Him in them, they teach us to center our lives around Him.

How is this a negative?

His 7th year Sabbath was given to reward us for walking with Him and to teach us and to teach our children to depend on Him and to bathe in His provision.

Where is the downside to this?

There is none.

This life is not about living for the temporal; it is about living to prepare our minds for eternal life in His family.

This is what being set apart unto Him is all about.

It is leaving our lives in order to be trained by Him to have eternal life in His family with Him.

This life that we are given in the flesh is a testing ground and a proving ground.

So cover your heads and remove yourself from all that has been defiling your minds and turn to His narrow path so that He can teach you His set apart character.

He is separate from all that destroys true love and true selfless joy, just as He wants us to be.

There is no other path to His Kingdom.

His Son suffered and died so that you could be forgiven so that you could turn to His Path.

Turn to Him and let Him turn the water that you were baptized in or that you will need to be baptized in, into His Son’s blood so that He can make you white as snow and give you a change of clothing.