Do you ever ask yourself if you are living in your Creator’s favor?

Do you ever ask yourself what pleases Him or what dis-pleases Him?

Most understand that lying and adultery and such dis-please Him, but do you ever consider why these things dis-please Him?

The answer is; all transgressions cause the destruction of pure and right relationships.

Transgressing His path destroys relationships whether they are the relationship with Him or with His Son or with one another.

He put us here to learn His ways to teach us how to have perfect relationships so transgressing His ways defiles why He created us.

Yehshua said;

Matt 24:46

46 Blessed is that servant whom His master FINDS HIM DOING “that which was told to him to do” when He returns.

Do you think that it pleases our Creator when we do that which He told us to do?

How about the flip side of this, do you think that it dis-pleases Him when He looks down upon us and sees us not doing that which He told us to do?

In order to understand the significance of “doing” what He told us to do, you have to understand why He instructed us the way that He did.

He created us to make us in His image.

I hope that you do not get tired of hearing this from me because it is paramount that you understand this if you are going to choose to obey Him for the right reasons.

I look at a simple commandment like the one that we men are not to destroy the boarders of our beards.

We can obey this commandment on a physical plain and still not receive any spiritual benefit from it and still not please Him.

Or, we can choose to not obey it and still bring Him dis-pleasure.

Or, we can obey it and let Him teach us the spiritual intent of it as to why He gave us this instruction and bring both Him pleasure and ourselves pleasure by “doing it.”

We are to bring every thought into subjection to His will.

My beard encourages me to ponder over every thought from His prospective.

Having it is an incredible tool to help me grow closer in my thoughts to His thoughts.

For one reason, I cannot even have His seven spirits that teach me how to be separated from the world and how to be in agreement with Him unless I have chosen to obey His instructions.

The same goes with covering our heads and wearing blue twining on the four wings of our garments and other such commandments.

They all help serve as a continual reminder of His ways and of His covering and of the cleansing of His Son’s blood.

It is incredible how much closer that each step towards obeying Him has brought me to Him and His Son.

And as we get closer to them, we grow in oneness in thought with them, and it is incredible.

With each step that we make towards being in agreement with them, we are one step further from that which defiles us.

It is a matter of leaving our lives to be made in His image.

It is a paradigm shift that results in an end product that is beyond that which living for the flesh can produce.

His design is awesome, but most would rather follow their own design instead, or the design that came from the abominations of Saul of Tarsus.

Yehshua said;

Matt 7:21

21 Not every one that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; But only he that “DOES THE WILL” of my Father which is in heaven.

Why is it that most of you are NOT SCARED OF “NOT DOING” His will?

In the following two verses He said that He will say to many who prophesied in His name and drove out demons in His name and did many wonderful deeds in His name and such….

He said that He will tell them depart from me because my Father’s Torah had no place in you and I never knew you.

Then He goes on to add that “doing His logos” is like building your house on a solid foundation.

And that “not doing His logos” is like building your house on the sand with no foundation and that you will be destroyed.

So why would most of you listening to this rather believe Saul and follow his path instead?

Or, why do you want to go your own way?

I will tell you, because you love the darkness rather than the light.

You have come to a light but it was not the true light.

Every other light is from satan and great is its darkness no matter how bright it appears.

The true light burns with a different kind of fuel.

It is fueled by the oil that Yehshua said will be in the lamps of the brides that are found to be ready.

The oil that the bride uses to light their lamps is YEHWEH’s seven spirits that separate us from that which defiles us.

And receiving this oil is conditional on our genuine repentance and our baptism into Yehshua’s blood.

My Father is crying out to you to turn to His path and to let His Son’s blood be applied on your behalf.

But instead most of you hold fast to your make believe messiah that came from Saul’s blasphemes that came from his father satan, therefore you are being cleansed with make a believe blood.

Turn from these lies, I beseech you.

Turn from all that is false and start trusting and obeying your Creator.

It starts with believing Him.

He says that He will heal you if you will turn to Him, and this is not just the physical healing.

He will heal your back sliding.

He will heal the physical as well but sometimes He needs to let us endure some hardships to bring us closer to Him but even this is because of our need to be reeled in by Him.

Be like David and rejoice in whatever the trial, as long as He does not remove Himself from you.

This should be your only fear.

And look for why you are allowed to be going through the trial and search out why it is being allowed and turn from whatever the reason is.

Walking with Him on His path causes Him to delight in us.

And we delight in Him and in His Son and we delight in the process and the opportunity that He has placed before us.

We delight in them because we want the end result that comes from this process which is to be in total agreement with them and to live forever with them in one awesome family.

If you think that they are pleased with you for walking on a different path, you are deceived by satan and his cronies.

YEHWEH’s path leads to eternal life with Him in His family.

All other paths lead to the lake of fire.

He takes no pleasure in the suffering of His creation so I can guarantee you speaking on His authority that He takes no pleasure in you if you are walking on a different path than what He gave.

I don’t care how good your deeds are or you intentions are or how many demons that you have cast out in Yehshua’s name or how many praise songs that you think that you have lifted up to Him.

It does not matter how much preaching that you have done or whatever you think that you have done to serve Him such as feeding the poor and such.

If you have not turned to that which He gave us to mold and to fashion us in His image, you have worshipped Him in vain because you have rejected why He created you.

Do you think that maybe I am in error?

Well, then you say that Yehshua was in error as well because this is what He is saying in Matthew 7, and precept upon precept, it is what He said in all of His instructions.

Rev 22:7

7 Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he “THAT KEEPS” (ie; to guard or to prevent from escaping) the sayings (the LOGOS) of the prophecy of this book.

Rev 22:14

14 Blessed are they “THAT DO” His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city.

How do you people justify not keeping His commandments or picking and choosing which ones to obey?

I will tell you how I justified doing so for most of my life, I simply did not fear losing out on eternal life.

I said that I feared but I lied to myself, just as you do if you believe something different than these words that I speak.

They are the same words that Yehshua spoke.

I chose to remain with my head buried in the sand comparing myself to others and giving myself justification.

But I let Him bring me to repentance and I turned to Him just as we all must if we are to inherit His kingdom.

The fear of not pleasing Him is the eye salve that we must have in order to be given eyes to see and ears to hear.

It is the beginning of understanding and wisdom.

He is crying out to you to depart from the lies and to embark on a journey with Him on His path and let Him deliver you from His coming wrath.

Start living so that you can be found in His favor when He sends His Son to purge out that which is not found in His favor.

Live to let Him find you doing that which He spoke and leave the consequences to Him.