I grew up in the protestant world with the old hymns that used to love to sing.

But most of them are laced with false doctrines and error so I stay away from them.

But one stands out in my memory that had such an impact on me as my Father drug me out of that world.

It was the song “trust and obey.”

In preparing to do this video, He led to look up the words to this song and compare them to what He has taught me.

I was surprised with what I found.

I want to review the lyrics of this song with you today before getting into the meat and potatoes of today’s video.

I will change the pseudo-Christian names used in this song for their actual names in the lyrics.

I do not call them God and Jesus because these are the names that the biggest false religion of the world calls them by.

My Father commanded us not to call Him by the names that people use for their false gods and Christianity definitely worships a false image of Him and a false version of His Son as well.

So for this reason, I use their Hebrew names but it is not about what language used so much as it is about their character.

The names God and Jesus Christ represent such a blaspheme of their character, I just choose not to use them.

I will also change some of the words to make it read more accurately in modern day English like “because” instead of “for.”

Here is how the song reads;

1. When we walk with YEHWEH
 in the light of His word,
 What a glory He sheds in our way!
 While we do His good will,
   He abides in us still,
 in all who will trust and obey.

Wow, this verse hits the nail on the head.

Of course the author might not have had a clue what it really meant to walk with YEHWEH but it certainly appears that he at least understood that it is about walking in the light of His word.

One thing is certain; those in Christianity today who sing this song do not understand what it means because I sure don’t see people walking in His word.

I see people telling Him what they will obey and how they will worship Him.

If you have watched very many of these videos, you know that pretty much every subject in them goes back to why we were created and how He set out to accomplish the reason why we were created.

We were created to be made in His image and He uses walking with Him in His Torah to accomplish this.

Then the song moves to the refrain;

Trust and obey, because there is no other way to be happy in Yehshua, but to trust and obey.

Again, the author hit a home run.

But wait a minute you say; there are over two billion in Christianity who are happy in their Jesus without really trusting and who are definitely not obeying.

How can this be? The song says there is no other way!

I will tell you; the author had it right, there is no other way.

There is only one way that they can be happy in their messiah apart from the way that was given to us to walk and that is if their messiah is a different messiah than this song wrote about.

If we are to be happy in the true Messiah, it is designed that we must trust and obey His Father.

This is because if we believe in His true character and do not trust and obey, we are left empty.

This is why many simply filled this emptiness with a false messiah and filled themselves with the happiness and the deceitfulness of men.

You can certainly believe in a make believe messiah and clap your hands and sing to his name and be happy but your happiness is a false happiness and it is full of deceit and darkness.

It is false because it is fleeting. What is real is eternal.

And sadly, you might be leading your children to the lake of fire with you, how dark is that?

To delight in the true Messiah is to delight in what He died for.

He died so that we could have His Father’s Torah written in our hearts and in our minds so that we could be made in His image and have eternal life in His family.

If you are not delighting in His Torah, you are delighting in a different path, and all other paths lead to the lake of fire.

Verse one also says;

What a glory He sheds in our way!
While we do His good will,
He abides in us still,

Wow, good stuff! I wonder how satan let this song get through his snares?

I am positive that my Father had His hand in it, maybe just for this video and this time?

In any case, it certainly made it into the hymnals to call many to Him which is what this video is intended to do as well.

The lyrics say that He sheds the glory of His light in our way or in our path while we are doing His perfect will.

His light is only on our path if we are on His path, all other paths are darkness.

His path is His Torah which is His commandments, statutes, ordinances and His judgments.

Yehshua said that only those who do His Father’s will or His desire will enter into His kingdom.

In the same collection of verses that He said this in Matthew 7, He also said plainly that many who even call Him Lord will come to Him on that day and He will say to them depart from me all of you who transgress the law, I never knew you.

It is His Father’s will that we keep His Torah and walk in it because it is what He uses to teach us to be holy as He is holy.

It teaches us His righteousness and it defines His character so that His character can be molded into our character.

The 1st verse goes on to say that He abides in those who trust and obey.

This is also why Yehshua died, so that He and His father could abide in us if are in a covenant relationship with them.

There is no other way!

You might be thinking, I thought that you said a minute ago that He died so that His Father’s Torah could be written in our inward parts.

Yes, I did. The two go hand in hand, just as His blood is also applied for an atonement for our transgressions if we truly repented.

Once we are walking with them, they abide in us through His seven spirits.

We do not walk with them on our path; it does not work this way.

All of our ways are wrong unless we are walking in agreement with them.

And we cannot even have His seven spirits given to us without agreeing to turn from our path to His path and walking with Him on His path depends on our trusting in Him and obeying Him.

As a matter of fact, His path teaches us to grow in trusting Him and obeying Him.

Our faith matures as we draw closer and more dependent on Him.

Verse two says;

2. Not a burden we bear,
 not a sorrow we share,
 not a grief or a loss,
 not a frown or a cross, but we are  blessed “IF” WE TRUST AND OBEY!” 

He does want to bear our burdens if we will trust and obey.

The word “if” is all throughout the scriptures in regards to receiving His blessings and His umbrella of protection from satan and his cronies.

In this video I will tie all of this in to answering a question that was asked of me today about how can we obey the true Sabbath in today’s world since sometimes it is during the week on man’s pagan calendar.

The answer is in this song but I will expand on it as well.

He does want to wipe away our tears and He will repay our efforts to trust in Him and obey Him.

But we cannot pick and choose what we want to obey or tell Him how we will obey Him.

It is a matter of losing our lives for His kingdom’s sake and not looking back.

Lot’s wife looked back, not a recommended thing to do for sure.

She was told to not look back; I am telling you the same thing today, leave your life for His Kingdom’s sake and do not look back.

I am also telling you to not mourn for those who will be consumed in the coming time of trouble.

There is a reason that our Creator is sending it.

There is no other way for Him to continue to build His family because man-kind will not hearken to Him.

Verse two does not cover the whole picture as far as sorrow and grief because when He blesses us for trusting and obeying Him, there still is a natural sorrow to see those we love living apart from what He wants to give them.

But we have to reach a point where we must not mourn over them if they will not repent because this is where we are at in time.

We can hope for their attitudes to be different when they are resurrected and they see the shame of their nakedness.

And we should strive to live so that we can be there for when they are resurrected.

As far as the grief that we bear, there certainly can be trials that He allows in order to strengthen us but our lack of trusting and obeying is what causes the need for them.

He uses them to fortify our trusting in Him but they actually come from the need that we have to grow because we are not completely trusting in Him in our inward parts, or we are lacking in obedience.

If we have trials, He is crying out to teach us something.

If we are wavering in our minds as far as trusting or obeying, we can certainly expect the trials and the sifting.

So actually this verse applies whole heartedly if our trust is 100% and our obedience is 100%, then we have no need for the trials, thus we have a goal to strive for.

We must hunger and fight to be in agreement with Him with every thought.

It is a matter of bringing every thought into subjection to His will and how awesome it is when two walk together in agreement.

If you think that you know better than He does, He simply cannot work with you.

The next verse goes on;

3. But we never can prove
 the delights of His love
 “UNTIL” we lay all on the altar;
 because the favor He shows,
 because the joy He bestows,

How is it that Christianity has sung this song for all of these years and missed these “ifs” and in this case the “until”

The author is correct. Until we lay all on the altar He does not show us His favor or His grace.

Granted, He might show us some favor or grace as He calls us, but His goal in doing so is to pour out all of His favor and His grace upon us if we will lay our lives on the altar and let Him re-fashion us in His image.

He wants to give us the keys to His kingdom but this happens when we lay our old self on the altar.

We have to offer up self, this is what genuine repentance is.

It is letting our life and our desires go for His will to be done in our life.

It is wanting His will instead of our will.

It is turning to His self-less love to be made in His image, dying to self and walking in newness of life.

There are some in the protestant world who even use this phrase “dying to self” in regards to baptism but it is sick how they have watered down what dying to self really means.

To them it means continuing to worship their Creator in vain by holding onto the pagan celebrations of christmas and easter and Sunday worship or Saturday worship and such while full well rejecting His commandments.

Dying to self includes dying to everything that is false that is in us.

Man’s hypocrisy is incredible.

The key thing to catch in verse three is that His favor and His joy is for those who trust and obey Him.

The last verse goes like this;

4. Then in fellowship sweet

Again, wow! Show me a church in the entire world were this verse is being lived out.

You will not be able to.

The fact that man will simply not trust and obey Him rips His heart out.

He is the almighty, what do we have to fear?

Show me who is walking in His torah, at best you will only be able to find scattered individuals, which I have not even found that as of yet.

Oh, there are many following the perverted list of the 613 mitzvah that those calling the Jewish people uphold, even some of which might actually claim that Yehshua is the Messiah in what is called Messianic Judaism.

But examine the changes that they have made to the scriptures in forming this list, both additions to it and subtractions.

Start with the most noticeable, how they changed how to keep track of the appointed times, especially the weekly Sabbaths.

It is an abomination that they merged the weekly Sabbaths into man’s pagan calendar in the 4th century as a matter of convenience since Judah was scattered.

Our Creator gave us a calendar to keep His appointed times that could even be used when we were to be scattered.

He knew Israel would be scattered. And He knew so few would choose Him.

He gave us a sure way to know when to come before Him.

Oh how true the words of this verse are if they would but be hearkened to, just as how sweet our Creator’s path is and the blessings that our poured out to us are if we would but hearken to Him.

If we would just sit before His feet and walk by His side and go where He tells us and do what He says and trust Him and Obey Him.

There really is no other way.

I have fled from the music that I grew up with in the protestant world, just as I have also fled from the modern day Christian music because there are so many lies and false doctrines mixed in with the lyrics but this is not the case with this song.

All that is wrong with this song is that man cannot see what it is saying.

This is because they are spiritually blind because they do not have the eye salve.

They do not fear the consequences for not trusting and obeying their Creator.

They cannot see the “ifs” and the “until” we lay our lives on His altar because they do not fear going against His will.

I am going to change the screen to one of the many “ifs” that are in the scriptures;

Matt 19:17

17 And Yehshua said to him, why do you call me good? There is none good but one, that is, Elohiym: but “IF” you want to enter into eternal life, “KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS.”

This sounds pretty simple and straight forward,

He was asked a clear question and He gave a clear answer.

But most of you would rather follow Saul of Tarsus instead so that you can justify living how you see fit.

Yehshua taught things so plainly, but most simply have dismissed His words.

Yes, some of it is hidden until we are given His spirits but much of it is plain and straight forward and it is used to call us to Him and to test if we will hearken to Him.

The night before He was killed He said;

John 14:15-17

15 “IF” you love me; KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS.

16 And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that it may abide with you forever;

17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive...

It is clear that we cannot have His spirit without keeping His commandments.

It is all conditional on walking in them because of why they were sent and why we were created.

Some of you want answers, like the legitimate question that was asked of me today, actually yesterday in this person’s time zone but I read it this morning in my time zone.

The question was how can I keep the Sabbath in today’s world and hold a job?

The world certainly is not user friendly to His commandments and statutes, this is for sure.

But it is not about the here and now. We are to live for another world and another time. We are merely sojourners in this era of time.

If you are wondering how you will eat or where you will sleep, Yehshua told us that our Father knows that we have need of these things.

He said that we must put our priority in seeking after His kingdom and His righteousness.

It is what we choose in this life that makes or breaks us in the life to come.

We must either choose to want eternal life in His family or choose to die.

I have spoken the answer to this person’s question; obey Elohiym and leave the consequences to Him and this really is the only answer.

But there certainly is more to it in regards to where we are at in time.

For the last nearly six millennium, it has been essential that we follow the instructions of trusting and obeying Him in spirit and in truth but sadly only a few have.

It has taken all of these years just to call out the 144,000 first fruits.

These have become His temple.

But now His temple is built and we are on a crash course with the end of this era of time.

My Father is crying out to you to come to Him.

What I am going to say next is even going to make this even more challenging to come to out of the world but you have to understand that this is by design because He calling out a certain mindset.

We must examine our individual mind sets and ask if we really want to be molded by Him.

He wants those who will be broken that they have lived against His will who will surrender all to be delivered by Him.

We are currently in a 7th year annual Sabbath.

This is just another of many of His commandments that man has rejected.

The most beautiful thing about the 7th year Sabbath is it teaches us to trust and obey Him.

If we walk with Him in His Torah for six years and walk in His blessings and under His protection, then in the sixth year, He blesses us double so that we do not have to toil the 7th year.

What an awesome benefit package.

But how could you accomplish this today?

You do not have six years to walk with Him and you do not have the sixth year for Him to reward you double.

Well, the good thing for you to know is your jobs will soon be ripped from you anyway because money will soon be irrelevant but what about until then?

The question for you to ask yourself is where is your heart at?

Where your treasure is, is where your heart will be.

And you need to ask yourself what are you afraid of?

Can you choose to have a paradigm shift and simply put your whole life into His hands?

Scary, eh? Well, just go back to the song in verse 4, never to fear, only to trust and obey.

It just so happens that 144,000 who have gone before you have left this world for His kingdom’s sake and they have received a pretty incredible retirement package.

And it’s not just with your jobs, it’s with everything. Who is your doctor? Who is your lawyer?

He must become your sole source for all things.

An old buddy of mine asked me the other day, he said; “what if everyone did what you did and just quit their jobs, how would the world operate?”

The answer is; the world as we know it would not operate, but this world is coming to an end.

We are in a momentous time in history.

It is a changing of the guards.

Soon satan and his cronies will be bound and Yehshua and the first fruits will govern the earth.

But the rotten eggs who will hold onto the lies are not going to be allowed in to poison this era with their lies.

So in the coming days and months, they will be purged out.

The question is, why not just pluck wheat out and burn up the chaff?

The answer is, the whole world is full of the chaff except those who are still alive who are of the first fruits.

Which group would you honestly put yourself into today?

Have you been fully trusting and obeying Him and living by His Torah and hungering and thirsting for His righteousness?

Yes, there are many who are on their way out of the darkness but you will need to keep coming to the light in order to be of the number who will be delivered in the coming Exodus.

This means that you will have to turn to the weekly Sabbaths on their true appointed times and you will need to turn to His annual Sabbath and to the rest of His instructions.

As I said, your jobs will more than likely be stripped from you anyway so what will your heart be towards this?

Most in Christianity think that they are going to be raptured away even though they have rejected His entire instruction manual.

They think this because they believe their religion and the doctrines of men that came from satan’s boy Saul of tarsus instead of believing their Messiah and His Father’s prophets.

In order to understand why it is being presented to you this way, you have to understand that you have lived your life choosing to believe Saul and your pastors over the words of your Messiah.

Or you have rejected His word altogether and went your own way.

In the coming days, scripture says there will come a time when you cry out to your Creator to deliver you that He will not hear.

This should scare you to death.

Each of you will have individual choices to make.

I am sure that you would like specific instructions for your specific situations but I cannot give them to you.

This is between you and your maker.

I am just telling you what He has given me to tell you.

I am telling you that you had better be lamenting over your rejection of Him but not lamenting for what is coming.

Man has brought this on themselves and it is man’s stiff-necked, pride-filled nature that has brought the need for the coming affliction just to humble him.

And if you are scared of changing, look at the courage that those who have gone before you have had to have had.

Think of Noah, he lived for 350 years after the flood, only to watch his son’s and their offspring spiral downhill into depravity after the flood.

It would have had to be gut wrenching for him to witness this because I know how it is gut wrenching for me to see man’s denial of their Creator since He drug me into the light.

The good news for each of you is you do not have that long to wait, so what will you do in the days ahead?

Wait for your job to get ripped out from under you or will you step out on a ledge.

I can guarantee you that if you step off of the plank and leave your job or your doctor or your medicines and stuff without turning to Him in obedience and desiring His path with all of your being, you will have a big splat on the concrete.

But even if the tribulation was not imminent, why not just start obeying Him because you want to be molded by Him?

Why do you need the fear of what is coming to motivate you?

Repent for repentance sake, this would please Him more.

As a matter of fact, repenting just to save your neck is not what He is looking for anyway.

You have to want to be in agreement with Him.

These are serious times and it is going to take real faith and wanting Him in order for Him to deliver you.

If you want to continue to put your faith in yourself or in the make believe god and the make believe messiah of Christianity, you will lose out on what He is offering.

You might say to yourself this is just too tough, I cannot do it.

Well, now maybe you can see why there have only been 144,000 in nearly 6,000 years but go back to the words of the song that we just reviewed;

He wants to carry our burdens and to nurture us and bless us.

How can this be difficult to simply put it all in His hands?

Yehshua said;

Matt 23:37-38

37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem , you have killed the prophets, and cast stones on them which are sent to you, how often I would have gathered you the children together like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, BUT YOU WOULD NOT!

38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

But you would not what? What would they not do?

He is saying that they would not hearken to the prophets.

Just as for those of you who will not hearken, the outcome will be that your house will be left unto you desolate

You need to ask yourself if I am telling you to obey your Creator’s every word? Or am I leading you away from it?

Am I telling you to trust and obey Him in truth and to leave your life for His kingdom’s sake or am I telling you walk the fence and hold onto your life?

How does what I am telling you compare to the words of our Messiah as recorded by the true eye witnesses?

What is there to fear anyway?

Is He not an Elohiym who can spread the seas? Is He not an Elohiym who can rain down manna or split a rock to give you water?

Can He not rain down quail or have a raven feed you?

And why wouldn’t He do these things for you?

If a son asks for a fish to eat, would you give Him a serpent? No, your son would not go hungry as long as it was in your power to feed him.

He is in the miracle business and He is going to use miracles to deliver His people in the coming Exodus.

Your job is to make sure that He chooses you to become His people.

He tells us the only reason why He would not help;

Isa 59:1-2

1 Behold, YEHWEH’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither is His ear heavy that it cannot hear:

2 But your iniquities have separated you from your Elohiym, and because of your sins He has hid His face from you, that He will not hear.

So obey Him and leave the consequences to Him.

The apostle John plainly said that sin is transgression of the law.

Yehshua, our Messiah plainly spoke that He will tell those who even call Him Lord to depart from Him because they transgressed the law.

If you say that’s not what your bible says, look it up the words, stop believing the translators.

They knew what the words meant; they had the same concordances that I use.

They just wanted to hide behind false doctrines in order to live as they saw fit. They were of their father the devil.

My Father’s logos had no place in them, nor in you if you reject what I am saying because I speak the same words as your Messiah.

If you really had feared going against your Creator, you would have found a way to look up the words yourself.

Instead, you chose to believe the lies that have been handed down out of convenience sake.

Your different religions have been palatable to you because you have had no regard for why you were created.

I know, I was buried in the lies myself, clapping my hands a praising a make believe messiah.

The people who Yehshua will tell to depart from Him not only called Him Lord, but He also adds that they did many wonderful deeds in His name and cast out demons and such.

He is saying that they were the ultra-religious.

Being ultra-religious will not cause Him to deliver you; you will have to flee from man’s religions.

You will have to flee from everything that is false.

Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees you will in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Does that sound too tough?

No, His Torah is a delight because when we walk in it with Him in spirit and in truth, He carries our burdens.

And His Sabbaths are a delight because they are a reward.

If they are a burden to you, you are like the scribes and the Pharisees who made them a burden.

In order to understand, you need to receive why He gave us His Torah.

It always circles back to why we were created.

He made us to give us eternal life in His family. Embrace this and fight to be in agreement with Him so that you can receive what He is offering.

In order for Him to receive us into His family, we have to choose to be in agreement with Him and want His righteousness to be our very thoughts.

Why would He want rebellious children in His family?

He does not.

The life that He has given us is an opportunity and a testing ground, most have chosen not to even show up for class.

You are going to have to start showing up for class with a passion and a desire.

If you wanted to be an artist, you would love art class.

If you wanted to be a farmer, you would love hanging out with your Dad if he was a farmer so you could learn to be like him and be the best farmer student that you could be to please him.

Oh how any father would delight in such a son or daughter.

How much more so our Creator delights in those who want to be made in His image who will walk with Him and want to be in agreement with Him.

If you want to be His child, you would want to be gathered under His wings and to please Him.

This is why Yehshua said if you love me, you would keep the commandments and His Father would love you.

The test is laid out before you, just as it was with the 144,000, but now time is running out.

There had to be a time when it would come to this.

As I said, sadly most will reach a time when they will cry out to Him but He will not hear.

This is prophesied.

If you do get to that point, it is because of your past and/ or present lawlessness.

He knows your heart.

If He does not hear you, you will have to keep crying out to Him because there will come a day when all who cry out to Him will be delivered.

Sadly, most will blaspheme Him instead.

If I was you, I would start turning to Him now, you have rejected Him by worshipping your gods long enough.

Cry out to Him while you still can, don’t wait for the humbling to come.

Tough times are ahead of us either way but that is our doing but there is just one way through it and that is by His hand.

Trust and obey, because there is no other way.