Before getting into the subject of today’s video (which is how the 3rd flight of 9/11 was tailor made to testify to 9/11 of this year on our Maker’s restored calendar) I want to briefly discuss a reality that is also at hand at this time with the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

In other recent videos I have spoken that our Maker is going to cause the Yellowstone Caldera to begin to send forth its 55 mile across magma chamber AT 7:34 A.M. ON HIS 4th MESSENGER OF BLOOD DELIVERY WAYPOINT that is just 3 DAYS’ JOURNEY FROM TODAY.

I believe this because Yellowstone blowing was the 1st vision of such a calamity that He gave to me when He was plucking me from your midst.

This vision was given to me before I knew anything about Yellowstone being a Supervolcano that was long overdue to erupt.

The 2nd vision that He gave to me was of A HUGE WEST COAST TSUNAMI that hit the northwestern coast of this great elohiym-like city of America.

America is a great-elohiym-like city because like Adam and Eve, you make yourselves as Elohiym is in deciding right from wrong in His stead.

Plus, you are the epitome in doing so for the rest of the world as well.

It is certainly possible that this tsunami will be the event that He sends forth at 7:34 a.m. on His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint instead of Yellowstone.

However it is also possible that He will send forth both of these at this time or that one of them will cause the other to happen kind of like a domino effect.

I saw this morning that the last major earthquake that our Maker sent forth AT THE CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONE THAT IS OFF THE NORTHWEST COAST OF THIS ELOHIYM-FORSAKING LAND (that is the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel) was in THE YEAR 1700.

This was 318 years ago.

When YEHWEH’s servant Abraham rescued his nephew lot and his family he drew out 318 REFINED SERVANTS from his house to do so.

The year 1700 parallels the 17 shekel purchase price of the parcel of soil for the decreeing of His righteous judgment.

The experts estimate that there is a major earthquake at this Cascadia Subduction Zone every 240 years therefore it is much overdue.

Okay, on with the 3rd set of dual wings that YEHWEH sent forth on 9/11, flight number 77.

77 is 7, 11’s paralleling the 7 strokes of His Mount Carmel/small cloud that is like a palm of a man’s hand/Psalms 63 prophecy.

77 also parallels THE 77 DAYS OF HIS 11 MESSENGERS OF BLOOD that He has sent forth during this 390 day period of the year and the month of Him sending forth these 4 OFFSPRING OF HIS HOLY SEED.

Today is the 7th day of His 11th messenger of blood therefore it is the 77th day of these 77 days.

I can assure you that I did not plan this out this way; I simply realized this while I was typing these notes.

Today’s 77th day is the 1st day of the 3 days’ journey that I discussed in yesterday’s video.

It is the 9th day of the 11 days’ journey from Hurricane Michael.

This parallels 9/11 as well.

YEHWEH’s end time Elijah’s name is Michael.

He removed my predecessor Elijah from the Jordan River with His chariot of fire and a whirlwind.

He has sent me forth turning the waters of the Jordan River into His only begotten Son’s shed blood.

Thus far He has only sent me forth in a small, quiet voice manner.

However I believe that He is going to send forth His end time Elijah, His end time Michael in His power and in His glory, 11 days’ journey from the whirling of the category 4 hurricane Michael that was two mph shy of being a category 5.

Only 4 OF THESE 11 MESSENGERS OF BLOOD involved His Isaiah chapter 6 Holy Seed being sent forth into His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess’s womb in order to conceive these 1st 4 OFFSPRING of His Holy Seed.


22 years ago He sent forth OPERATION GRAPES OF WRATH on 4/11.

Grapes are pressed to make wine.

Wine is symbolic of the blood, either His only begotten Son’s shed blood or our blood.

His only begotten Son’s shed blood has a price tag.

The price tag is turning back to living by every word that our Maker has sent forth from His mouth and doing so in spirit and in truth with a burning desire to be found in His favor.

Favor for favor.

When the blood departs from a woman it is passing her dead, un-conceived seed from her.

This is symbolic of us being passed from being the Most High’s eternal seed if we are not conceived by His word, His unleavened bread of life, and our blood being poured out into the earth.

22 years ago parallels the 220 days of His account of the flood.

He opened the door of the 3 tiers of the boat 220 days after He caused it to settle upon the head of one of the mountains of the mountains of the curse reversed.

At 7:34 a.m. on His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint we will enter into the 220th day from 7:34 a.m. on the 24th day of the 1st month.

The reason why I believe that He is going to cause Yellowstone to begin blow forth and/or send forth the west coast tsunami AT THE BEGINNING of the 220th day and not at the end of it is because His word tells us the following;

Isaiah 66



This man-child’s cord will go forth 19 hours and 26 minutes after 7:34 a.m. that morning therefore it will go forth at 3:00 a.m. that night.

Our Maker’s word testifies that His enemies are all of you that live in rebellion to the word of His mouth.

His word tells us that rebellion to Him is the same as witchcraft or any other divination.

The 22 years ago of operation grapes of wrath also parallel the 22 months that separated the dual strokes of Him anointing me to be His king here on earth.

He also orchestrated 22 months to separate His dual waters of Meribah events.

He sent forth the 22nd eruption of the Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone 13 days prior to this 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint is 13 months after the 2nd stroke of Him anointing me to be His king.

I spoke about some of the significance of 13 in the last video.

One of the things that I left out in doing so was the 13 laps that He orchestrated around Jericho (a.k.a. the stench of a month) and the 13 laps that He orchestrated around the courtyards of His house last year at the place that He has chosen for His name to dwell.

This 3rd plane crashed into the western wall of the 5 sides of the Pentagon.

YEHWEH has risen His house up in the west of this Elohiym-forsaking land.

All 4 of these flights were headed to California therefore they were all 4 headed west also paralleling Him rising up His house in the west.

Pentagon means having 5 sides.

He has thus far brought 5 people to dwell at His house.

Each of our tents has a porch over them paralleling the 5 porches that were by the upper pool that was by the Sheep’s Gate.

He has caused His upper pool to be dug northeast of His Altar.

He sent forth these 4 flights from the northeast.

YEHWEH’s servant David took 5 smooth stones with him in his shepherd’s bag to go smite the 9’ 9” tall uncircumcised philistine.

Lot and his family were taken captive as a result of the 2nd battle of the dual battles of the valley of the salt sea when the 4 kings smote the 5 kings.

There were 5 hijackers on each of the 3 planes that hit their targets and 4 on the 4th plane that did not.

Joseph took 5 of his brothers with him and his father to go before Pharaoh’s faces.

He gave his full-brother Benjamin 5 changes of garments.

The redemption for the 273 firstborns of Israel was 5 shekels apiece.

There were 5 masters of the uncircumcised philistines at the time that YEHWEH gave the Ark of His witness into their hands, etc., etc., etc.

There were 189 people that were killed as a result of flight 77’s crash into this 5-sided building.

This parallels the 189 days of His 188/189 day earthquake cycle and the 188/189 days of His annual Feast cycle.

And so does the capacity of this aircraft.

It had a capacity of 188 passengers.

However there were only 58 passengers that were on board this flight.

These 58 passengers parallel the 58 years that YEHWEH caused His servant Noah and His servant Abraham’s lives to overlap.

Noah was the 10th generation and Abraham was the 20th generation therefore there were 11 generations that encompassed their lives.

This parallels this 11 days’ journey as well and even 9/11.

Since 5 of them were hijackers there were 53 that were not.

YEHWEH sent forth His 2nd messenger of blood 53 days after He sent forth His 1st messenger of blood.

Among other things, there are 53 days in the 1st leg of His dual part count to His Feast of First Fruits.

This flight had a crew of 6 paralleling YEHWEH’s prophecy that is for Him causing my faces to shine after 6 days and His command for us to work for 6 days.

I believe that we are in this 6 day period of time.

I believe that it began with the day that He sent forth the 23rd eruption of the year at the Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone.

The number 23 represents His Kingdom of priests.

There are 6,250 days that encompass 9/11, 2001 and His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

This is 125 sets of His 50 year periods that end with His 50th year, His year of the Ram’s Horn release of debts.

There were 125 people on the ground that were killed.

6,250 days is also 25 sets of 250 or 25 tiers of the 250 men that rose up against Moses and Aaron with Korah.

You have done what these men did.

You have risen up against His anointed at this time by facing the sun with your backs towards YEHWEH’s anointed and His house.

There were 106 ground injuries.

This parallels the 106 days that remained when YEHWEH caused His servant Noah to let loose the raven and the 1st tier of the dove.

The 1st duo of these 5 hijackers checked in at the American Airlines ticket counter at 7:15.

7/15 is the 1st day of our Maker’s Feast of Ingathering.

They arrived at the passenger security checkpoint 3 minutes later at 7:18 paralleling this 3 days’ journey.

My predecessor Elijah came down from YEHWEH’s Holy Mountain Horeb on 7/18 after his 40 days and 40 nights there.

These 40 days and 40 nights ended with YEHWEH’s small, quiet voice vision/prophecy being given to him.

The small, quiet voice manner that He has sent me as is about to come to an end.

The 2nd duo of them checked in 11 MINUTES later at 7:29.

This was 14 MINUTES after the 1st duo checked in.

7/29 of this year was what would have been the 8th day Sabbath that followed THE 14 DAYS of YEHWEH’s extended Feast of Ingathering that uncovered THE TRUE MEANING OF HIS 8th DAY SABBATH.

This year was the 3rd such extended Feast of Ingathering beginning with when He caused His servant Solomon to extend this Feast when they finished the 1st house that He caused to be built unto His name.

However this year was the 1st such 14 day Feast that He uncovered the true meaning of His 8th day Sabbath that can only be part of this Feast if this Feast is extended.

The 5th hijacker, the pilot of this hijacking, checked in 6 minutes later paralleling the 6 days that are going to bring forth the Most High causing His servant’s faces to shine.

He checked in by himself.

YEHWEH’s end time Michael is the only one that He has sent to restore all things, there is no other except for His only begotten Son that is dwelling in and through me, it is what it is.

Utility knives up to 4 inches were allowed on flights at that time.

This also parallels these 4 living creatures and our Maker’s 4 messengers of blood delivery waypoints.

One thing that I have not expanded upon in this series is how the Most High orchestrated several overlapping details into these 4 flights doubling them.

He often doubles things in order to put an extra emphasis upon them.

Even the Hebrew language does so.

For instance, the lower wing of flight 175 crashed into the 77th floor of the south tower paralleling this flight number 77.

Flight 77 was scheduled to depart for Los Angeles at 8:10.

At the end of part 2 I discussed that one of the 18 people that escaped from the impact zone of the south tower or above was on the 81st floor at the time that this flight connected with its target.

I said that the 81st floor parallels YEHWEH’s 8/1 waypoint that is discussed in other recent videos.

So does this 8:10 scheduled departure time.

Plus, 8/10 was also a HUGE waypoint that He wove into His end time timeline this year.

This waypoint is also discussed in other recent videos.

There are 10 days that encompass 8/1 and 8/10 paralleling His all wine between 10 of days prophecy.

The 53 passengers and the 5 hijackers boarded flight 77 through gate 26.

26 of the 53 passengers were men.

These dual 26’s parallel the 26 days that separated His 2nd messenger of blood and His 3rd messenger of blood.

When you add in the 5 hijackers, 31 of them were men.

This parallels the 31 days from His 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint to His 4th.

22 of them were women paralleling the references to 22 years and 22 months and steamboat number 22 and 220 days that I spoke about earlier.

22 days prior to His 4th messenger of blood was day number 1,100 of the 1,290 days of His servant Daniel’s chapter 12 prophecy.

5 of these passengers were children paralleling all of the references to 5 that I spoke of earlier.

They were between the ages of 3 and 11 paralleling this 3 days’ journey and this 11 days’ journey that both take us to His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint of 4.

One duo of these 5 hijackers were seated in seats 5e and 5f paralleling YEHWEH’s Isaiah chapter 55 signature ring that He has put upon my hand.

The other duo were seated in 12a and 12b paralleling the 12 rods of Israel, etc., etc.

The pilot was seated in 1b.

One of these 3 boys that are in His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess’s belly is the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz, the Crown Prince Royal of YEHWEH’s Kingdom.

This flight took off from runway number 30 paralleling the 30 days of His dual one month prophecies that end with His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint and His restoration of His 30 day months.

It took off at 8:20 paralleling His 8/2, 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint.

The last normal radio communication from the aircraft to air traffic control occurred at 8:50:51.

8:50 parallels the 85 priests that wore the linen ephod that saul ordered doeg the edomite to slay with the mouth of the sword.

The 51 seconds parallel the 3 tiers of the Most High’s 50 and one men prophecy.

The 9/11 Commission estimated that the flight was hijacked between 08:51 and 08:54, shortly after American Airlines Flight 11 struck the World Trade Center and not too long after United Airlines Flight 175 had been hijacked.

This 3 minute spread also parallels this 3 days’ journey.

Strong’s number 851 is used 6 times in His word paralleling this 6 days’ journey.

It is a Hebrew name that comes from the word that means to listen.

The enhanced Strong’s definition for this name tells us that it means "I WILL MAKE MYSELF HEARD" or "I WILL CAUSE MY OWN RUIN IN THE FIRE OF ASTONISHMENT or I WILL SOAR ALOFT."

All of these have profound meaning in relation to the here and the now.

If you want to be heard instead of listening to “this is YEHWEH’s word that is upon His servant Zerubbabel” you are going to cause your own ruin in the fire of astonishment.

If you do not listen to the word of YEHWEH that He has put upon my mouth you are going to die in your rebellion to Him, His word says so.

And YEHWEH’s anointed is indeed going to soar aloft in the days that are ahead when He causes His anointed to be heard.

Strong’s number 854 means to be with.

The name Immanuel means Elohiym is with us.

At 8:54 the plane began to deviate from its normal, assigned flight path and turned south.

Two minutes later, at 8:56, the plane's transponder was switched off.

These 2 minutes parallel the 2 minutes until midnight that the doomsday clock is currently at.

The 56 minute mark parallels the 56 days of YEHWEH’s account of the flood along with all of the other parallels to 56 that He caused me to speak in part 2.

For instance, there were 56 passengers on flight 175 and this flight’s impact caused its target to come crashing down 56 minutes later.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that His anointed is in the 56th year of my life.

When flight 77 was 5 miles to the west, southwest of its target, it made a 330 degree turn.

This parallels the 330 days of YEHWEH’s account of the flood from when He shut off the rains until He opened the door of the 3 tiers of the boat.

Since there are 3 TIERS OF 110 DAYS IN 330 DAYS and since the dual towers were 110 STORIES each, THIS 3rd flight’s 330 DEGREE turn connects THESE 3 FIGHTS together with THE NUMBER 110 therefore IT CONNECTS ALL 3 OF THEM TOGETHER WITH YEHWEH’S ACCOUNT OF THE FLOOD.

At the end of this 330 degree turn, it was descending through 2,200 feet and it pointed towards the pentagon.

These 2,200 feet parallel the 220 days of His account of the flood and all of the other references to 22 to that He has woven into this, some of which I discussed earlier on in this video.

The pilot then accelerated to full power as he dove the dual wings of this plane into the western wall.

The western wall parallels the western wall in Jerusalem that He has left standing until this time.

Its wings took out 5 lamps posts that were in its pathway also paralleling things like the 5 smooth stones, etc., etc.

It was traveling at 530 mph paralleling the references to 53 that I spoke earlier like the 53 passengers that were on board.

This is 460 knots paralleling the 46 great whitewashed stones that make up the boulder design of YEHWEH’s house.

It made impact at 9:37:46.

The 9th hour parallels things like the 9th month of His 4th messenger of blood and the 9’ 9” tall uncircumcised philistine.

The 37th minute parallels things like His servant David’s 37 mighty men.

The 46th second parallels the 46 whitewashed stones and the 46 years that it took our ancestors to build the 2nd house that He caused to be built unto His name.

This building has 3 floors paralleling all of our Maker’s tiers of 3 including the 3 tiers of the boat and even these 3 days.

It penetrated 310 feet into the 3 outermost rings of the building's 5 rings and it unleashed a fireball that rose 200 feet above the building.

310 feet also parallel the 31 days from His 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint to His 4th.

The 200 foot tall fireball parallels things like the 200 mile long river of blood that is soon going to flow to the depth of a horse’s bridle.

At the time of the attacks, approximately 18,000 people worked in the Pentagon.

This parallels the 18,000 measures of the city whose name is YEHWEH is here.

The fatalities at the Pentagon included 55 military personnel paralleling YEHWEH’s Isaiah chapter 55 signature ring.

70 of the slain were civilians paralleling things like the 70 years of the captivity and the 70 Israelites that went down into Egypt for the famine and the Most High’s prophecies that are for 70 years at this time, etc.

There were 92 of the slain that were on the 1st floor where it hit paralleling the 92 days of His account of the flood.

YEHWEH opened the Ark’s door 92 days after He caused His servant Noah to let loose the 3rd tier of the dove.

31 of them were on the 2nd floor also paralleling the 31 days that take us from His 3rd messenger of blood delivery waypoint to His 4th.

Two of them were on the 3rd floor.

YEHWEH has dual Sons of His anointing oil.

There were 7 Defense Intelligence Agency civilian employees that were killed paralleling the 7th day.

The U.S. Army suffered 75 fatalities paralleling YEHWEH’s servant Abraham coming to His call in the 75th year of his life.

53 of these 75 were civilians for yet another parallel to 53.

If you want a whole bunch of parallels to 53, take a look at the statistics that He wove into the 42 exceedingly unique shakings during the 96 days of Kilauea.

47 of these 53 were employees paralleling things like Psalms 40, verse 7.

6 of them were contractors paralleling these 6 days.

22 of the 75 were soldiers paralleling all of the many references to 22 that He has woven into His end time timeline.

The U.S. Navy suffered 42 fatalities paralleling the 42 months of the 1,260 days of His witness against the scattered descendants of Israel and even the 42 exceedingly unique shakings that He sent forth at Kilauea.

9 of these 42 were civilians paralleling this 9th month 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint, etc.

6 of these 9 were employees and 3 of them were contractors.

I have just skimmed though these Wikipedia articles for these statistics of these 4 flights, there are certainly more of them in association with all 4 of these flights that parallel YEHWEH’s word and the here and the now.

I will resume discussing some of the details that do so in relation to the 4th flight, flight 93, in a part 4.

For one, His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint is on 9/3.

But before I end this video, here is one more that parallels this 3rd flight.

33 sailors lost their lives at the pentagon to go along with the 33% load factor that was aboard the plane.

The last 3 verses of the 33 verses of His chapter 33 end time son of Adam prophecy tell us the following;

Ezekiel 33

31 THE PEOPLE COME TO THE ENTRANCE (this is referring to you coming to the entrance of His house by listening to His end time son of Adam through the videos that are sent forth from the place that YEHWEH has chosen for His name to dwell here) and they sit before your faces as My people AND THEY LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THEM because they show much love (to YEHWEH) ”WITH THEIR MOUTHS” BUT THEIR HEARTS WALK AFTER THAT WHICH THEY COVET.

32 Behold, they love the sound of their pleasant songs and their well-played instruments AND THEY LISTEN YOUR WORDS BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THEM.

33 AND WHEN THIS COMES TO PASS (when you will not do that which His end time watchman has spoken for you to do) AND BEHOLD, IT WILL COME TO PASS,” (behold, this has been coming to pass for over 7 ½ years now) THEN YOU WILL KNOW THAT A PROPHET HAS BEEN AMONGST YOU.