Yesterday’s 17th day of the 7th month, 3rd day of His Feast of Ingathering brought forth another amazing revelation from our Maker.

He has sent forth this revelation in His continued progression of Him shortening of the days of Him letting loose His hot indignation through His chosen.

He confirmed to me that the 40 days of my lying upon my right side (that I have previously thought will follow the 390 days of my lying upon my left side) are actually the last 40 days of the 390 days of my lying upon my left side.

You might be thinking the same thing that I was thinking which is how can this be.

I will tell you how, it really is quite simple.

All we need to do is let the testimony of His word testify to itself.

He tells His end time son of Adam TO GIVE A SIEGE UPON THE DUAL JERUSALEMS by establishing my faces towards them BY GIVING YOU THE SIGN of my lying upon my left side for 390 days, a day for a year, LIFTING UP OR BEARING THE INIQUITY OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL UPON MY DOING SO.

YEHWEH has sent forth different tiers of these 390 days in the warning cry that He has sent me with however last year He established the perimeters of these actual 390 days.

He did so through His loosening of His 4 messengers of blood that were bound in the great Euphrates River.

This 390 day period of time (which is a year and a month according to His restored calendar) began when He sent forth His 1st messenger of blood and it will end on His 4th messenger of blood delivery waypoint that is just 45 days from today and 46 days from yesterday’s 17th day, 7th day.

He tells us that, at the time that these 390 days come to an end, I am to lie upon my right side for 40 days lifting up or bearing the iniquity of the house of Judah upon my doing so.

He tells us that my establishing my faces towards the siege of the dual Jerusalems in this manner prophesying against it will result in my arm being uncovered; meaning His almighty arm will be uncovered through Him uncovering my arm.

He gave us the Hebrew word for Jerusalem with the dual grammar notation because He knew that the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel was going to be the United States at this time.

Reading this prophecy on the surface, one would obviously think that the 40 days follow the 390 days.

However a couple of weeks ago or so He began telling me that they are the last 40 days of the 390 and, like I said, He confirmed this to me on yesterday’s 17th day, 7th day.

He did so towards the end of this day.

And then this morning, He showed me that this is even what His word says, I will tell you how it does so.

The way that His word testifies to this reality is He tells me to take 20 shekels of food with me for each of the 390 days that I lay upon my side.

He does so AFTER His instructions for me to lie upon my right side for 40 days.

I will read this to you;

Ezekiel 4:9

Take unto you wheat and barley and beans and lentils and millet and spelt and give them in one vessel and make bread for you with them FOR THE NUMBER OF THE DAYS THAT YOU LIE UPON YOUR SIDE, YOU SHALL EAT OF THEM FOR 390 DAYS.

Notice that He does NOT say for me to do so for each of the 390 days that I lay upon my left side but rather FOR EACH OF THE DAYS THAT I LAY UPON MY SIDE IN TOTAL.

And in the SAME verse He tells us that this total number of days that I lie upon my side is 390 days.

Therefore the 40 days of my laying upon my right side are obviously included in these 390 days.

The beginning of these 40 days will be on the 24th day of this month.

He tells us that He was going to give bands upon me to keep me lying upon my right side for the 40 days.

The Hebrew word for these bands is the same word that is used 4 times under a different Strong’s number that is used to describe the boughs of the goodly trees that we are to use to build the huts that we are to sit in during the 7 days of His Feast of Ingathering.

Since He has extended this Feast 7 days this year, the 24th day of this month is in this Feast.

When we take out the 4 times that this word is used in the book of Judges which is not YEHWEH’s word, this word is used 24 times in the testimony of His word.

Extending this Feast 7 days causes the 24th day of this month to be the 3rd day of the 2nd of the dual 7 days of this Feast.

The 24th day of the 7th month is the 7th day from yesterday’s 17th day/7th day.

Why this is significant is because He also tells me TO MEASURE the waters that I drink during this 390 day period to THE 6th HIN OF WATERS that I am to drink FROM A TIME UNTIL A TIME.”

He caused me to drive over to the well that we get our waters from last night only to find out that the people who are foreclosing on this property had changed the locks on the dual spigots that are there.

They obviously did not like me telling them the other day that they are stealing from our Maker.

Of course I am sure that they felt that they have every right and obligation to do so since I have not been able to pay the association dues that enable me to get waters from this well,…

…however once again they failed to realize that I cannot pay these dues as a result of the scattered descendants of Israel (that include them) stealing from our Maker.

How do you think YEHWEH looks upon their cutting off His 2nd son of His anointed oil and the dual wives of His Zechariah prophecy and the 4 living creatures that are in one of their wombs from waters?

How do you think He looks upon the rest of you that are also measuring us by stealing from Him?

The really cool thing about this is the 6th day from last night’s discovery will be the 6th day from yesterday’s 17th day, 7th day.

And the 24th day of this month, the 7th day from this waypoint will follow.

So you it looks VERY much like YEHWEH extending this Feast 7 days merely established Him shortening the days of Him letting loose His hot indignation by 7 more days.

Will this be His last extension?

When I told the lienholder (that is foreclosing on this property) that he was stealing from our Maker the other day, he said that I was threatening him with religion thinking that I was seeking an extension from him.

I assured him that this was not what I was doing; I was merely telling him how it is according to our Maker’s word so that he would know what he is doing so that he might turn back when the Most High lets this loose.

I challenged him to look at the evidence for his sake and for his family’s sake.

He responded that the evidence that he was looking at is the ledger balance of my account that shows that it has been quite some time since I have made a payment.

My bottom line and my evidence IS OUR MAKER’S WORD and his bottom line and his evidence IS THAT WHICH IS ON THE BOTTOM OF A LEDGER BALANCE.

Since YEHWEH’s word tells us that all of us are going to be judged by His word at this time, I like my chances.

YEHWEH caused His servant Hezekiah to stop the waters so that the Assyrians would not find abundant waters there when they came to the city.

It certainly looks like YEHWEH caused me to stop the waters as well by causing me to tell them that they are stealing from Him.

And His doing so set up my family (that includes the 4 children that are in His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess’s womb) and I HAVING TO MEASURE THE WATERS THAT WE DRINK WITH THE 6th HIN that we are to drink FROM A TIME UNTIL A TIME during these 390 days of my laying upon my side.

There is much more to this that points to the 24th day of this month being the 7th day that He might very well begin to cause my faces to shine on a physical plain however I do not have the time today to discuss these things.

Perhaps He will lead me to do so in another video.

I will however point out that He tells us that my food and my waters are to be measured at this time in order to illustrate to you what He is getting ready to do to those of you that are stealing from Him and sevening to His name falsely.

You are soon going to find out what it means to have your food and your waters and even the air that you breathe MEASURED unto you.

The siege is indeed at hand!