5.3, 5.3, 5.3…

Today is the 29th day of the 4th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

It is the 19th day of the 6th month on His servant satan’s calendar.

It is the 134th 7th day Sabbath of the 1,290 days of His servant Daniel’s chapter 12 prophecy.

Today’s Sabbath will host the 95th silver trumpet assembly at His house that He has risen up in the midst of the captivity of babylon at this time.

At 8:05.34 a.m. this morning (according to the time Zone at His house) He sent forth THE 10th CONSECUTIVE 5.3 SHAKING in Hawaii that has resulted from a volcanic eruption.

THESE 10 CONSECUTIVE 5.3 SHAKINGS began at 3:51.01 a.m. on the 10th day of the 6th month on His servant satan’s calendar according to the time zone that it is AT THE PLACE THAT YEHWEH HAS CHOSEN FOR HIS NAME TO DWELL HERE.

The 10th day of the 6th month on His servant satan’s calendar was THE 53rd DAY OF THE 360 DAYS OF THE MOST HIGH’S PERFECT ONE SMOOTH STONE.

Perhaps this was a coincidence.

One of the many things that makes these 10 -5.3 shakings beyond fascinating is there have been literally THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF SHAKINGS that YEHWEH has sent forth in Hawaii over this 10 day period of time…

….however these 10 have been THE ONLY ONES that have resulted from volcanic eruptions and not from earthquakes.

Of these thousands and thousands of shakings that He has caused to occur at this place over the course of the last 30 days, over 3,800 of them were above 2.5’s…

…however of these over 3,800 shakings nearly all of them were a collection of 2.5’s and just over this threshold until k-boom, there was one of these 5.3’s.

This is extremely unique so why is the Most High putting such an emphasis upon 5.3 with these extremely unique shakings?

Could it be because His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint of 4 IS 53 DAYS AFTER His 1st messenger of blood delivery waypoint of 4?

Also this, there are always 53 days in the 1st leg of His dual part count to His annual Feast of First Fruits now that He has restored His 30 day months.

This Feast yesterday was the 6th anniversary of His First Fruit Harvest that He harvested on this day 6 years ago.

Yesterday’s Feast was THE 61st DAY of His perfect one smooth stone.

On the day of THIS 9th CONSECUTIVE 5.3 SHAKING He sent forth A 6.1 SHAKING in Japan (according to their way of monitoring earthquakes) that left 4 DEAD including A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL that died as a result of A WALL FALLING UPON HER.

Is it a coincidence that He has caused me to speak repeatedly that your walls are soon going to come crashing down upon you if you do not come out from behind them?

Is it a coincidence that the female child of these 4 offspring will be the 1st born of them?

YEHWEH caused His servant Abraham to bind his only begotten son of his wife Sarah’s womb upon the Altar 61 years after He charged him to leave his kindred.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that YEHWEH caused me to speak about this event in the video that was uploaded THE DAY BEFORE THIS 6.1 SHAKING THAT WAS YESTERDAY.

He has indeed continued to send forth the day of His small quiet voice signs.

According to the USGS’s way of monitoring shakings, this was a 5.5.

This parallels His Isaiah chapter 55 signature ring that He has put upon my hand.

He is indeed in control of everything and every nano-second here on planet earth.

Yesterday’s 9th consecutive 5.3 shaking in Hawaii was one of 310 shakings that were over 2.5 over the previous 24 hours when I saw it.

Yesterday was the 20,310th day of His end time son of Adam’s life.

Another coincidence I’m sure!

It has been amazing to witness how He has continued to shorten the days of letting His wrath through His chosen one during the time that He has sent me to you.

This is what His only begotten Son said that He was going to do.

Yehshua said this in;

Matthew 24




Yehshua telling us this tells us that we had better to pray in a manner that will cause our prayers to be heard by His Father so that YEHWEH will cause us to be fled to His Holy Mountain UPON THE DUAL WINGS OF THE GREAT EAGLE BEFORE a particular winter begins and before a particular Sabbath Day.

His word tells us that if we turn our dual ears from listening to His Torah our prayers are an abomination to Him.

You ought to have believed Him.

This particular winter began this past year on a particular Sabbath day/beginning of winter waypoint so this point in time has already passed you by.

However the Most High has continued to hold this back.

He indeed suffers long.

He has done so because He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked nor the suffering of the wicked but that the wicked would turn back from your wickedness and live before His faces.

Your wickedness is your rebellion to Him, His word says so.

However this prophecy (along with the rest of His word) also tells us that this time of affliction will one day have to be sent forth.

You are soon going to be caught up in this time of affliction when YEHWEH sends it upon you “SUDDENLY”.

The name of the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz means TO SPOIL YOU QUICKLY OR SUDDENLY AND TO MAKE HASTE TO PLUNDER YOU.

His word tells us that He is going to begin to recompense your rebellion to Him before this Immanuel man-child’s cord goes forth from his mother’s womb.

This beginning of winter/Sabbath day waypoint began on the 110th Sabbath day from the end of the 1,260 days of the Most High’s 42 month witness against the scattered descendants of Israel therefore on today’s 134th Sabbath we are now 24 Sabbaths past this waypoint.

YEHWEH marked His servant Noah on the 110th day from when He shut off the flood waters.

The way that He has woven these 110 days into His Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz timeline is incredible.

One of the ways that He has done so is there are 110 days that separate the 1st messenger of blood Mahare waypoints and the 4th messenger of blood waypoints.

His 4th messenger of blood conception waypoint was the 40th day of this past winter.

He uncovered the year and the month and the day and the hour of His 6th trumpet prophecy to us through His 4th messenger of blood.

In light of His 2nd messenger of blood delivery waypoint BEING 53 AFTER THE 1st, do you really think that THESE 10 CONSECUTIVE 5.3 SHAKINGS are a coincidence?

How many more of them will He send forth before He SUDDENLY unleashes this time of great affliction upon you?

Perhaps He will send 14 more of them since His 1st messenger of blood delivery waypoint is 14 days from today.

14 would parallel things like the 3 sets of 14 generations that He used to bring forth His only begotten Son and the 14 days of the 7 sets of His extended 7 day Feasts, 5 of which have already past.

This total of 24 of these 5.3 shakings would parallel His 24 elders that He resurrected at the time that our ancestors had His only begotten Son killed.

Today’s 10th shaking parallels things like His 10 words that His fingers wrote upon the dual sides of the dual stone tablets.

If there is an 11th such shaking tomorrow, it will parallel the 11 days’ journey from His Holy Mountain Horeb to the land of the promise.

12 would parallel the 12 rods of Israel and things like the 12 stone pillars of His servant Moses’s Altar at Horeb and the 12 stones of His servant Elijah’s healed Altar at Carmel…

…and the 12 stones that now have His truths written upon the whitewashed boulder design of them at this time.

13 such 5.3’s would parallel the 13 rods of Israel after the rod of Joseph was split and things like the 1,300 days of the 3 sets of 3 consecutive supermoons that He has sent forth to mark where we are at in time.

I mentioned 14 already, 15 would parallel things like the 15 years that He added to His servant Hezekiah’s life at the time that the He altered the rotations of the greater and the lesser lights into their current 19 year wobble.

16 would parallel the 16 days of operation grapes of wrath and the 16th day of the year that His wave omer is waved before His faces in order to begin the dual parts of His count to yesterday’s Feast.

17 would parallel the day that He marked His servant Noah and His servant Elijah’s 40th day upon His Holy Mountain of His small, quiet voice prophecy that is for His end time Elijah and also the day that He resurrected His only begotten Son.

18 would parallel the 18,000 measures of the city that is named YEHWEH is there.

19 would parallel His servant David’s 19 sons and the 19 year wobble of the rotations.

20 would parallel the 20 shekels of provision that He told me to bring with me for each of the days of 13 months.

21 would parallel the 21 days of the 3 sevens of His servant Daniel’s affliction that brought forth the interpretation of the Most High’s end time son of Adam vision.

22 would parallel the letters of the Hebrew language and the 1st 4 chapters of the 5 chapters of the book of Lamentations.

23 would parallel His servants the Levites.

Would 24 such consecutive 5.3 shakings cause you to fear Him?

For most of you, sadly not.

Tomorrow’s 1st head of the month day that separates the 4th month and the 5th month will be 4/30 on His restored calendar.

4/30 parallels His prophecy that is for the 430 years of sojourning.

Yesterday’s 6.1 that killed 4 wounded 300.

As of yesterday’s Feast there are 300 days that are left of the year & the month & the day & the hour of His 6th trumpet prophecy.

In the last video I said that yesterday’s 94th silver trumpet assembly followed the 94th/7:34 a.m. mark in time.

This means that today’s 95th silver trumpet assembly will follow the 95th/7:34 a.m. mark…

…and tomorrow’s 96th silver trumpet assembly will follow the 96th…

…and then the 97th silver trumpet assembly (that will be on the day that He caused His servant Aaron to go sleep with his fathers in the 123rd year of his life) will follow the 97th/7:34 a.m. mark.

In light of His prophecy that is for 96 POMEGRANATES being upon each of THE 4 ROWS OF POMEGRANATES that were upon the dual crowns of the dual pillars Yehkeen and Boaz…

…and in light of His many, many end time prophecies THAT ARE FOR 3 OF THIS AND THAT AND A 4th…

…and in light of THESE 4 CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF THESE 4 SILVER TRUMPET ASSEMBLIES lining up the way that they do with their corresponding marks from 7:34 a.m. on the 24th day of the 1st month…

…and in light of His 4 MESSENGERS OF BLOOD, 3 OF WHICH HE IS USING TO BRING FORTH THESE 4 OFFSPRING OF HIS HOLY SEED (including the Immanuel man-child Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz)…

…is it a coincidence that tomorrow’s 96th DAY FROM 7:34 A.M./96th SILVER TRUMPET assembly is THE 3rd OF THESE 4 perfectly synced marks in time?

Perhaps these 10 consecutive 5.3 shakings have not been synced by Him and they are also merely coincidences.

Or perhaps not.

The clock is certainly ticking now that the fullness of the iniquity of those of you who are the Amorites is complete.

Tick, tick, tick.