Many of you listening to this know the story of Korah’s rebellion that is recorded in the book of Numbers.

A man named Korah and others who were in agreement with him quarreled against Moses and Aaron.

Scripture teaches that they were actually striving against YEHWEH Elohiym.

If you are striving against His truth or not trusting Him for your provision, you are actually striving against Him.

If you are rebelling against His word in any way you are striving against Him because you are striving against why He created you..

Any of our paths that are a different path than He gave us to walk on with Him to be made in His image with is striving against the reason He gave us life.

We read the outcome of the story of Korah and those standing with him;

Num 26:10

10 And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up together with Korah and the company of two hundred and fifty men were devoured with fire; AND THEY BECAME A SIGN.

They became a sign for all to learn to fear going against their Creator but they also became a sign for today.

This event was also a prophesy for this day.

Man has run from and hid from their Creator by rejecting His servants the prophets.

They have rejected the instructions of their Messiah to follow after Him and they have followed after the hollow and empty teachings of men who led them away from the truth.

Their itching ears wanted to decide right from wrong for themselves because they did not want to be told how to live by their Almighty Creator.

They built themselves fortresses to hide behind by fabricating false religions to follow and made false images of their Elohiym and false images of their Messiah.

He has held back His wrath because He purposed to build the first fruits of His family from those who He called out from satan’s domain.

Many of you know that the Greek word for church is Ekklesia which means called out ones.

Man-kind has let satan call them into his false religions that he established to keep people deceived because they refused the protection offered to them from their Creator because they refused to hearken to Him.

Under satan’s leadership, those who claim to follow their Messiah have built thousands upon thousands of false places of worship and have named them churches.

It is blasphemous to call these false worship houses and false religious groups churches.

Satan’s era of time is about up and my Father is soon sending His Son to stamp out that which opposes His plan to build His family.

He plans on continuing to build His family with satan bound.

In the coming months leading up to Yehshua’s return, man’s churches will be devoured.

The earth will open her mouth and fire will consume them. In some cases they will be leveled by earthquakes and others will be destroyed by the enemy that He is empowering to humble the scattered nations of Israel.

Climaxing on July 18th, 2012, all of these false worship houses will be destroyed.

In many cases, the ground will literally open up its mouth and fire will consume them.

The sign of Korah’s rebellion will be fulfilled at a level never experienced by man before, nor ever will be.

The destruction of these false worship houses will increase as we approach that day, along with the purging out of all that opposes their Creator’s will to build His family.

I suggest that you stay out of these churches that worship Him in vain and turn from all of these false religions that ignore His instructions that were given by Him to mold us in His image.

Flee from all that opposes the reason that He put us here.

The great and fearful day of YEHWEH is fast approaching, wake up!

Repent, because the Kingdom of heaven is at hand; make straight your paths for the coming of our Messiah.