Yesterday, at the same time that the Most High had finished causing His Holy Anointing Oil to be finished at His house with the completion of the 1,500th petition to Him so that He could anoint His 2nd Son of His anointing oil with it…

…He caused the Danites that He has returned to some of the physical land of Israel to begin a retaliatory attack on Iranian installments in Syria.

In yesterday’s video I spoke that this 1,500th petition to Him was completed at 3:30 P.M. AT HIS HOUSE (that is located in the Arizona time zone).

After I finished uploading the video that I produced after this monumental waypoint in time, I checked the news and when I did so I found out that this was the same time that Israel began what Russia Today called “A Massive Missile Strike” in Syria.

The title of the article that I read was “Israel Launches Massive Missile Strikes in Syria.”

Here is how this article started off;

“Syrian air defenses were deployed to thwart an attack by the Israeli rockets, Syria’s state SANA news agency reported. The bombing is reportedly being carried out by Israeli warplanes from Lebanese airspace.

Syrian air defenses engaged missiles that Israeli warplanes are launching from outside the country's territory, SANA reported on Thursday. The bombardment appeared to go on for hours, with the first missile strikes reported AT ABOUT 1:30 AM DAMASCUS TIME on Thursday.”

1:30 A.M. Damascus time on Thursday was 3:30 P.M. Arizona time yesterday, THIS WAS NO DOUBT ANOTHER COINCIDENCE!

In this video I spoke the following;

“The 500th petition to Him (paralleling the myrrh of the release of the captivity at this time) was on the 15th day of the 4th month (this past year).

This day hosted the 84th Sabbath of the 1,290 days of His servant Daniel’s chapter 12 prophecy.

If you have watched other videos on this site 84 speaks for itself.

It represents the 84 hours that His dual Sons of His anointing oil are dead and things like the 84 days that encompass His Feast of First Fruits and His Fall Harvest Feast of Ingathering.”

And then I said;

“The day of this 500th petition to Him WAS HIS SERVANT MOSES’S 28th DAY of the 1st 40 days & 40 nights upon His Holy Mountain.”

Perhaps it is a coincidence that the Most High caused the Danites to use 28 WARPLANES in this attack that He caused them to send forth AT THE SAME TIME THAT HE WAS FINISHING MAKING HIS HOLY OIL.

28 days is 4 sevens.

This parallels His Leviticus chapter 26 prophecy that is for Him sending forth 4 waves of 7-fold afflictions upon those of you that live in rebellion to the word of His mouth at this time.

After this event Netanyahu said that if Israel is hit, Israel is going to hit back 7 –fold.

This was not the case with this attack though, Iran lobed 20 missiles at Israel and Israel fired back at them with 70 missiles.

7 -fold times 20 missiles is 140 missiles so Israel retaliated with ½ OF NETANYAHU’S 7 –FOLD WORDS.

Perhaps is it a coincidence that after speaking this about the 500th petition to Him on the 28th day that I went on to speak about THE ½ OF THIS AMOUNT of the spice cinnamon and THE ½ OF THIS AMOUNT of the spice of the measuring reed.

The Hebrew word for cinnamon is used 3 times in the writings of what is called the Old Testament and then it is used one more time in the Revelations of YEHWEH’s only begotten Son.

This parallels the 3 of this or that and a 4th that was also discussed in yesterday’s video right after speaking about this cinnamon parallel.

I spoke of this second ½ of a measurement parallel in relation to the spice of the measuring reed that YEHWEH has given into my hand.

In speaking about the 250th cinnamon petition to Him from the 500th petition I spoke of this 250 shekels of cinnamon mark in time being on the day of the 6th silver trumpet assembly and how this paralleled His prophecies that are for “after 6 days” referring to on the 7th day.

These 70 missiles that the Danites fired into Syria yesterday night (ACCORDING TO HOW THE MOST HIGH RECKONS THE DAYS) were 60 air to surface missiles and 10 surface to surface missiles.

These numbers parallel the 6th day and the 7th day.

It just so happens that yesterday’s Holy Oil waypoint was on the 1st day of the 7 days that He had descended upon His Holy Mountain in the thick, dark cloud with the thunderings and the lightnings.

He called out to His servant that He drew out from the waters of Egypt on the 7th day, SELAH.

The 20 missiles that Iran flung at Israel yesterday night parallel things like the 20 year mark of YEHWEH’s death sentence and the 20 shekels of food/day of His end time son of Adam prophecies…

…and even the 20 years of age that His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess was when He caused her to conceive Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz in her womb.

These 20 missiles failed to hit their targets and Israel’s missiles did not.

This shows that it is not quite yet time for YEHWEH to turn the tables around on Israel at this time however He is soon going to do so.

When He does so, His word tells us that He is going to cause your enemy’s arrows TO NOT MISS.

After Israel’s response their defense minister Lieberman said you rain on us and we are going to send a biblical flood upon you.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that in yesterday’s Holy Oil video I said;


These missiles were indeed sent forth to rain down fire upon their targets, coincidence!

And much, much, much more fire is coming!

Yesterday night’s attack that YEHWEH sent forth at the same time that He finished making His Holy Anointing Oil  in order to Anoint me with it was just a small foreshadow of the flood of the fire THAT HE IS SOON GOING TO “RAIN” FORTH AT THIS TIME.