Today is the last day of the year 5777 on our Maker’s restored calendar.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the Almighty’s restored 7th year Sabbath.

This monumental waypoint in time will fall on the 21st day of the 2nd month on His servant satan’s calendar.

In the last video I spoke of the VERY real possibility that tomorrow’s 1st day of the 1st month is going to result in YEHWEH lifting up His 2nd anointed Son before your faces.

This video was called “The 21 Days of Daniel’s Affliction.”

Whenever it is that He does so, He is going to begin to plunder your bank accounts along with everything else that He has given to you to possess.

You are going to be powerless against His Almighty arm when He does so and you are going to be unable to stop Him from doing so.

When He does so, consider the fact that you are thieves before His faces.

Consider your afflicting His 2nd anointed Son at this time through your stealing from Him.

Consider the fact that your trample His only begotten Son’s shed blood under your dual feet by using it for a license to live in rebellion to Him.

YEHWEH’s word tells us that He is going to send forth this plundering of your possessions before Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz’s cord goes forth from His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess’s womb.

What are you going to do when you wake up one day to find out that your bank accounts are empty?

Are you going to continue to revile both Him and His king?

I do not know for sure how He is going to accomplish this, however I believe that He might very well simply put a hook in your mind to cause your own fingers to empty your accounts when He does so.

One way or another He is going to show you that even the oxygen that you take for granted belongs to Him.

He is going to fill you with terror, fill you with terror, His Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz prophecy says so.

He is going to cause you to believe His word, His word says so.

When He does so, consider these things and turn back to Him through that which He has restored.

If you have children, do so for their sake.

Or else get ready for your uncircumcised hearts to be cast into the pit along with the rest of the uncircumcised THAT GAVE CONFUSION TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING, SLAIN BY THE JUDGMENT OF YEHWEH MY ELOHIYM’S SWORD.