After YEHWEH caused His servant Abraham to plant a tamarisk tree at Beer-Sheba which means the well of sevens…

…and He had caused him to sojourn in the land of the Philistines for many days we are told that…

…He tested His servant Abraham by telling him to journey to the land of Mariah with his only begotten son of his wife Sarah’s womb and to offer Isaac up to Him as a burnt offering upon one of the mountains that He would show him there.

Mariah means TO SEE YEHWEH.”

The mountain that He showed to him was His Holy mountain that later became the location of the dual houses that He caused to be built unto His name.

If you think that you are going to “see” anything other than YEHWEH’s hot indignation in the days that are ahead…

…at any place other than His house that He has risen up in our midst at this time you are delusional.

YEHWEH’s servant rose up the next morning and he divided the wood for the burnt offering and he saddled his ass…

…and he took two of his young men and he journeyed forth with his son Isaac to YEHWEH’s Holy Mountain.

Genesis chapter 22, verse 4 tells us that His servant Abraham lifted up his dual eyes on the 3rd day and YEHWEH showed him the place of His Holy Mountain.

It just so happen that He brought my dual wives & I to His Holy Mountain on a 3rd day as well.

Perhaps this is a coincidence.

It is fascinating how He has caused this event with Abraham and his son Isaac to flow into the here & the now and tonight’s super blue blood moon.

The 3rd day that YEHWEH provided the substitution ram to His servant Abraham was the 7th day of the 12th month.

This is the same day that He caused His servant that He drew out from the waters of egypt to go sleep with his fathers.

The 7th day of this years’ 12th month was the 4th -7th day that His Holy Seed went into His Isaiah chapter 8 prophetess’s womb to conceive Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz.

YEHWEH caused a total of 4 men to journey forth with the ass & the wood for the burnt offering that day.

These 4 men parallel His 4 messengers of blood that were bound in the great Euphrates River and these 4 -7th day Holy Seed waypoints.

I said that this 3 days’ journey took place after He caused His servant to plant a tamarisk tree in the land of the philistines.

The Hebrew word for a tamarisk tree is only used 3 times in the testimony of His word.

The other two places that it is used it is used in association with king saul who parallels another Benjamite that was & is the abomination of desolation saul of tarsus.

Saul was under a tamarisk tree at the high place of Gibeah (or the high place of the hill) with his javelin in his hand when Doeg the Edomite told him that the priest Ahimelech had given David the showbread & Goliath’s sword.

Ahimelech means “brother of the king.”

Saul ordered Doeg to fall upon Ahimelech (brother of the king) and he slew the 85 PRIESTS that were there in the city of Nob THAT LIFTED UP THE LINEN EPHOD with the mouth of the sword.

Nob means fruit therefore the city of Nob means the city of fruit.

85 days prior to the day that tonight’s rare blue supermoon (that is also a blood moon) will bring forth was the 61st day of the 7 lamps that light YEHWEH’s house each night with dual wicks in them.

YEHWEH caused His servant Abraham to journey to His Holy Mountain with Isaac 61 years after he caused him to leave his kindred.

There is other signicance to this day that was a Sabbath day as well but I want to stay on the subject of this video.

YEHWEH’s anointed that lifts up His linen ephod at this time is His servant that He uses to light these 7 lamps each night.

These 7 lamps represent His 7 spirits that are upon His servant that He has drawn out from the waters that He has turned into His only begotten Son’s shed blood at this time.

Saul of tarsus and his rat back have purposed to slay YEHWEH’s anointed with the mouth of the make-believe sword of christianity.

The reason why you have not been able to do so is because your sword is a make-believe sword as is the make-believe blood of your make-believe images of His only begotten Son.

The judgment of YEHWEH’s SWORD is going to slay you at this time if you do not turn back from that which is false.

YEHWEH’s anointed is the King’s brother.

The King Yehshua said that His brothers & His sisters are those that do His Father (the King of King’s) desire.

YEHWEH’s desire is that we live by every word that He sent forth from His mouth, the mouth of the only true sword.

Abraham’s two young men that he took with him that day parallel the two men that the Most High has caused to dwell with His anointed at His house at this time.

The ass that Abraham saddled that day parallels the ass’s colt that Yehshua rode into Jerusalem upon in the 1st month on the 10th day of the month.

YEHWEH resurrected His only begotten Son 40 days after the day that He caused this event with the ram substitution to take place.

Tonight’s rare blue supermoon (that is rare because it also a blood moon) will bring forth the 10th day of the 12th month on His restored calendar.

This is 3 days’ journey from the day that Abraham lifted up his dual eyes & YEHWEH showed him His Holy Mountain in the land that is called “to see YEHWEH.”

This supermoon will be a 3rd consecutive supermoon.

The last time that there was a blue moon that was also a blood moon was 152 years ago.

It was in the 3rd month of 1866 on His servant satan’s calendar.

This event happened right after the civil war had ended.

But this blue moon that was also a blood moon was not a supermoon like this one is therefore it certainly was not the 3rd supermoon of a 3 consecutive supermoon series.

A supermoon is the name that YEHWEH has caused to be given to a moon that has at least 90% of its perigee side of its orbit that is closest to the earth.

YEHWEH used dual sets of 90 days or 3 restored 30 day months (that He orchestrated to be on each side of the scattering of the last 1/3rd part of my hair) to restore His 30 day months.

A supermoon appears to be up to 30% brighter and up to 14% larger than a normal full moon.

30% parallels His restored 30 day months.

There being 3 consecutive supermoons that are up to 14% larger parallels His 3 sets of 14 generations that He used from Abraham to bring forth His only begotten Son that rode into Jerusalem 30 days after the day that tonight’s blue & blood supermoon will bring forth.

Not only this, supermoons occur on average once every 14 lunar months or lunar cycles.

I will discuss the incredible timing of the previous two supermoons in this sequence in bit.

What are the odds of all of these things coming together like this in such a rare fashion in conjunction with one month or 30 days from the day that YEHWEH caused His only begotten Son to ride into Jerusalem upon the ass’s colt in order to set up the ultimate substitution that He has made available to us?

His word gives us dual prophecies that are for a month’s time.

They are the following;

Hosea 5:7


Zechariah 11:8


In “These are the Truths” (a.k.a. deuteronomy) chapter 29, verse 19 He tells us that He conceals from us until we do all of the words of His Torah.

The Hebrew word for a month comes from the word that means moon.

Jericho means the stench of a month.

Satan’s perversions of the Most High’s calendar (including the non-restored calendar that Judaism uses & the different variations of the lunar calendar that are out there) contain your stenches of a month in them.

Your profaning of when the Most High’s Sabbaths and the rest of His appointed times are, are a stench of a month before His faces.

And your walls are getting ready to come tumbling down upon you if you remain hiding behind them.

THE 3rd TIME that the word for a tamarisk tree is used is when the able men of Jabesh-Gilead buried the bones of saul & his 3 SONS under a tamarisk tree that was in Jabesh.

They buried these 3 young men and their father under this tree after they had burnt them up…

…and after they had done so they fasted for 7 days.

In light of YEHWEH causing His servant Abraham to plant A TAMARISK TREE at THE WELL OF SEVENS before He charged him to journey forth 3 DAYS’ JOURNEY in a caravan of HIMSELF & THE 3 YOUNG MEN that included his son…

…is it a coincidence that these able men of Jabesh-Gilead fasted FOR SEVEN DAYS after they buried SAUL & HIS 3 SONS UNDER A TAMARISK TREE?

These able men of Jabesh-Gilead went forth at night to retrieve their bodies from the uncircumcised Philistines that had killed them.

These 3 supermoons are the lesser light that gives light to the night.

Their bodies were hung upon “the wall” of a town that was called Beth-Shan.

Beth-Shan means “house that is at ease.”

This is how His Zechariah red horse prophecy describes the inhabitants of all of the earth at this time.

The ease that He is referring to is the lack of fear that you have of Him.

Jabesh means to be dry.

You are a house that is in a famine of hearing His word.

This also parallels YEHWEH holding back sending forth the waters at His house at this time.

He also uses this word to describe your dry bones in His chapter 37 end time son of Adam dry bones prophecy.

Gilead comes from a word that means “a heap of a witness” such as the heap that Jacob & Laban rose up to be a witness of their agreement.

Gilead parallels His witness that He has sent to you at this time that is beside the 46 great whitewashed stones that make up His Altar that He has risen up in the midst of His house.

I said a bit ago that YEHWEH had caused his servant Abraham to sojourn in the land of the uncircumcised philistines for many days.

YEHWEH caused saul & 3 his sons to be killed that day after He had caused His servant David to dwell in the land of the uncircumcised philistines for an undisclosed number of days and 4 months.

And He raised His servant David up to be king at that time after these 4 months.

4 months or 120 days prior to tomorrow’s 10th day of the 12th month was the 10th day of the 8th month.

This day was 7 days after the day He caused me to uncover His Altar (on the 3rd day of His Hosea chapter 6 prophecy) which was when He rose my dual feet upon the cradle stone of His Altar to be your king.

Perhaps this is a coincidence.

The 1st of these 3 consecutive supermoons brought forth the 2nd conception waypoint of Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz.

This was on the 11th day of the 10th month.

This was also the day that my elder bride was going to die per His Ezekiel chapter 24 prophecy if she had not turned back to seizing her Maker.

YEHWEH is going to send forth the substitution for her death in the days that are ahead.

This substitution will be the death of the bride of the make-believe images of His only begotten Son (a.k.a. christianity).

You are going to die in your rebellion to our Maker if you do not turn back from it and seize YEHWEH, period.

The 2nd of these 3 consecutive supermoons was 30 days later & it brought forth the 11th day of the 11th month.

THE 11th DAY OF THE 11th MONTH is the day that YEHWEH caused His servant Noah to let loose the 1st dove & the raven.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that today’s 3 supermoons’ journey video IS VIDEO NUMBER 1,111 OR 11-11.

This 11th day of the 11th month was THE 1,335th DAY of His Daniel chapter 12 prophecy.

30 days from the 2nd supermoon day will be the 11th day of this 12th month.

This day will be the 7th day from when YEHWEH’s servant set out on his 3 days’ journey with his two young men and his son and the ass and the wood.



…and His word testifies that He is going to CAUSE MY FACES TO SHINE BEFORE YOUR FACES AFTER A 6 DAY PERIOD OF TIME.

Could this 7th day that is 30 days from the 1st dove and the raven/1,335th day waypoint be the day that He does so?

Perhaps, we will soon see.

When Doeg the Edomite told saul that Ahimelech or the king’s brother had given David the showbread and the uncircumcised philistine’s sword when saul was under the tamarisk tree at Gibeah…

…His servant David was in the Forest of Hareth or the forest of the engraving.

YEHWEH’s word tells us the following concerning the engraving that He has sent me with;

Zechariah 3:9

For behold THE STONE THAT I “HAVE GIVEN” BEFORE YEHSHUA’S FACES, upon this ONE STONE there will be SEVEN EYES (referring to His 7 spirits): behold, I WILL ENGRAVE THE ENGRAVING THEREOF says YEHWEH of hosts and I will cause the iniquity of that land to cease in ONE DAY.”

He goes in in chapter 4 to give us this one stone’s name, it is Zerubbabel.

Zerubbabel means one that flows out from babylon a.k.a. mystery babylon at this time.

In chapter 4, verse 14 He tells us that His servant Zerubbabel is one of His two anointed Sons, He identifies the other in this prophecy as the headstone, His only begotten Son.

This one day is referring to the 168 days that YEHWEH has uncovered with His 4th messenger of blood that was bound in the great Euphrates River.

The 168 days of this one great & fearful day of YEHWEH’s hot indignation will begin on the 4th day of the 9th month next year on His restored calendar.

This day will fall on october 22nd of this year on His servant satan’s calendar.

However I am quite confident that He is going to uncover His Almighty arm before then.

What He revealed to us in yesterday’s “woe to you when the 8th day = 400 & 430 & 370” was incredible.

His word tells us that He is going to uncover my arm by uncovering His almighty arm in association with yesterdays’ 40th day of my lying upon my right side.

This video revealed that the 2nd exodus has officially been sent forth.

Here is something that He showed to me last night after I had uploaded this video that testifies to this as well.

Yesterdays’ 8th day Sabbath was THE 115th SABBATH of the 1,290 days of His Daniel chapter 12 prophecy.

YEHWEH caused our ancestors to depart from Rameses in the 1st month on the night of the 15th day of this month or ON 1/15  according to the format that both His word & the chief seat of scattered descendants of Israel use to reckon the days of a month.

The reason why this is so cool is yesterdays’ 115th SABBATH was on THE 400th DAY of my petitioning Him 3 times per day and His Abraham vision that was discussed in yesterday’s 8th day video tells us that the children of Israel are going to go out after 400 YEARS and His word tells us that He has sent me IN THE MANNER OF A DAY FOR A YEAR.

It is way cool how He keeps shortening the days through His chosen yet He keeps sending forth volumes and volumes of proof like this that He has sent me.

Is it a coincidence that saul was under a tamarisk tree when he ordered those who lifted up YEHWEH’s linen Ephod to be killed…

…and YEHWEH also caused him to be buried under a tamarisk tree after He caused him and his 3 sons to be burnt up?

How do you think that He looks upon those of you that have despised His linen ephod at this time?

For some reason I do not think that your doing so is going to work out very well for you in the days that are ahead.

You are going to be burnt up and His word tells us that many of you are not even going to be buried.

We are soon going to find out if this 3rd consecutive supermoon (that is also a rare blue moon that is also a blood moon) that is bringing forth tomorrow’s 6th day…

….will also bring forth the 7th day that He causes my faces to shine before your faces.

If not, at minimum YEHWEH has once again sent forth an incredible warning that the day of His hot indignation is indeed near at hand.

The rest of the details that He has woven into these 3 supermoons are incredible as well.

For instance the eclipse that will cause tonight’s supermoon to be blood will last for 77 minutes.

These 3 supermoons are the last 3 full moons of the year 5777.

He brought our ancestors out from Egypt on a full moon, no doubt it was a supermoon and most likely even a blood moon to boot.