Today is the last day of the 9th month on our Maker’s restored calendar.

Tomorrow’s 1st day of the 10th month will fall on november 23rd on His servant satan’s calendar.

This day is the blasphemous celebration of thanksgiving day in the chief seat of the scattered descendants of Israel.

The hypocrisy of this celebration is off the charts.

You give thanks to the Most High by eating that which is an abomination to Him.

The significance of the 1st day of the 10th month is THIS IS THE DAY THAT YEHWEH MADE THE HEADS OF THE MOUNTAINS VISIBLE during the 377 days of His account of the flood that He sent upon the inhabitants of the world in the days of His servant Noah.

In the days that are ahead He is going to show the scattered descendants of Israel the baldness that is upon your heads, perhaps He will begin to do so tomorrow on this day.

This video is the 3rd video of the 16 days that were discussed in the video that was called “Naked & Barefoot for 3 Years.”

It is the 1,080th video that the Most High has caused me to have posted on His repairing the breach you tube channel.

There are 1,080 days in 3 years on His restored calendar.

In the Naked & Barefoot video I discussed the possibility that the 1,080th video might very well represent the end of the 3 years of my having to walk naked and barefoot before your faces.

If not perhaps the 10th day of the 10th month will.

The 1st day of the 10th month is also the day that our ancestors covenanted with YEHWEH to put away their wives that were strangers to Him.

They covenanted with Him to make an end of their doing so by the 1st day of the 1st month that is 3 months later.

With His 30 day months restored this period of time is 3 -30 day months or 90 days.

The Most High used dual 3 -30 day periods of time that were on each side of the scattering of the last 1/3rd of my hair to restore His 30 day months 5 smooth stones ago.

His word places a great deal of significance upon 3 days’ journey.

In a couple of minutes I will discuss how the traditions of Judaism leave a chair set in place for the prophet Elijah for 3 days after their circumcisions.

Tomorrow’s 1st day of the 10th month will be the end of another 3 days’ journey.

It will be 3 days’ journey from the 330th day of my approaching near to Him at His house 3 times per day.

YEHWEH opened the Ark’s door 330 days after He cut off the waters from spilling forth in the days of the flood.

3 days journey from this 330th day means that tomorrow will be the 333rd day of my approaching near to Him at His house 3 times per day.

This 333rd petition waypoint indicator parallels the 3.33 repeating 3% of you that our Maker is going to cause to turn back to Him so that He will not destroy you in the coming days.

It also parallels the 33 verses of chapter 33 of His end time son of Adam prophecies.

He associates the 5th day of the 10th month and the following morning, the morning of the 6th day with this prophecy.

The morning after the 5th day of the 10th month is one of the 4 waypoint indicators that His word gives to us for the opening wide on His end time son of Adam’s mouth.

The end of this prophecy tells us the following;

Ezekiel 33

31 THE PEOPLE COME TO THE ENTRANCE (this is referring to you coming to the entrance of His house by listening to His end time son of Adam through the videos that are sent forth from the place that YEHWEH has chosen for His name to dwell here) and they sit before your faces as My people AND THEY LISTEN TO YOUR WORDS BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THEM because they show much love (to YEHWEH) ”WITH THEIR MOUTHS” BUT THEIR HEARTS WALK AFTER THAT WHICH THEY COVET.

32 Behold, they love the sound of their pleasant songs and their well-played instruments AND THEY LISTEN YOUR WORDS BUT THEY WILL NOT DO THEM. (you will not do His word that He has put upon my mouth).

33 AND WHEN THIS COMES TO PASS (when you will not do that which His end time watchman has spoken for you to do) AND BEHOLD, IT WILL COME TO PASS,” (and this has come to pass) THEN YOU WILL KNOW THAT A PROPHET HAS BEEN AMONGST YOU.

This prophecy tells us that you are going to die in your rebellion to our Maker if you do not turn from it.

The 10th day of the 10th month that is 4 days later is also one of the 4 dates that His word gives to us for the opening wide of His end time Elijah’s mouth.

This day will be the 65th day of His Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz prophecy.

The other day one of the dual wives of the Most High’s Zechariah chapter 5 prophecy was looking up some information on circumcision so that I can know how to circumcise Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz on the 8th day…

…and what she discovered is totally amazing.

 She came across an article that said that many of the circumcisions that the Danites (who are in the blasphemous religion of judaism) perform involve setting 2 chairs in place, one for the person that holds the child…


Of course with this wife knowing that her husband is the Most High’s end time Elijah she felt compelled to read the article and to share it with me.

Even though the synagogue of satan is in a very, very deceived state of existence (as are the rest of Israel’s descendants that are scattered and mostly in the blasphemous religion of christianity), the Most High still uses them as He sees fit to.

He uses whomever and whatever means He wants to in order to illustrate whatever points He wants to illustrate to us whenever He sees fit to do so.

He even often uses irony to do so.

His causing the Danites to set up this chair for Elijah during a lad’s circumcision ties in with Him also causing them to have a 5th cup of wine poured for Elijah when they pervert His Passover instructions with their seder meal.

Like with Elijah’s chair being left empty this 5th cup of wine is not drunk.

These dual customs tie in with Him being an Elohiym of bloods and circumcisions.

At the time of the 1st exodus, shortly after YEHWEH spoke to His servant that He had previously drawn out from the waters of Egypt out from the burning bush…

…we are told that He searched for His servant Moses to die and that the following event took place;

His wife Zipporah took up a “Tyre” or a sharp rock and she cut off the foreskin of their son with it AND THEN SHE TOUCHED MOSES’ DUAL FEET with it…


This is recorded in Exodus chapter 4, verses 25 and 26.

Zipporah is the feminine word for a bird.

Her name ties this circumcision prophecy in with the Most High’s end time Elijah and in with His psalms chapter 84 prophecy (that is for the set-free bird finding a nest for herself and for her brood in YEHWEH of Host’s Altars that are in His courtyards at this time).

It also ties this circumcision prophecy in with His prophecy that is for a certain wife fleeing into the wilderness for an appointed time, dual appointed times and half of an appointed time upon the dual wings of a great eagle in order to bring forth Mahare Shalawl Koosh Baz.

His word places a great significance upon 3 days’ journey with much more than His many references to 3 days.

For instance His servant Mose’s wife Zipporah is mentioned by name 3 times in the testimony of His word.

Moses was her father Reuel’s son-in-law.

A son-in-law is a son that is contracted to a father through a marriage to the father’s daughter.

This is why the Most High refers to the Israelites as the daughters of Israel or the daughters of Zion.

We graduate from being daughters of Israel to being His eternal sons through the contract of marriage to Him (as our Father) thus we graduate from being His wife to being His eternal son-in-laws.

This is why He caused Zipporah to speak this.

We need to be like Father, like son.

We need to become as He is therefore we need to become SON-IN-LAWS OF BLOODS AND CIRCUMCISIONS.

Reuel was the priest of Midian.

Midian means a brawling or a contention.

This word is used 9 times in the book of Proverbs under a different Strong’s number to illustrate this to us.

The reason why the Hebrew words for blood and circumcision are used in their plural form in this prophecy is because YEHWEH is an Elohiym of dual bloods and dual circumcisions.

The dual bloods are our own blood and the blood of His substitution sacrifice.

Either our own blood needs to be poured out upon the ground on account of our rebellion to Him…

…or we need to do that which He requires of us in order to cause Him to atone for our rebellion to Him with His only begotten Son’s shed blood…

…that He caused to be poured out on behalf of those that turn back to being a chaste virgin unto Him.

If you think that He will do so on your behalf even though you continue to play the whore to Him (by loving and worshipping make believe images of Him and His only begotten Son) you are delusional.

The dual circumcisions are our physical circumcision and the circumcision of the foreskins of our heart.

Physical circumcision is symbolic of much more than just a male’s foreskin being circumcised…

…it is symbolic of our complete obedience to the Most High in the flesh.

Your priests that have taught you otherwise indeed have a brawling contention with the Most High and so to those of you that have contracted in marriage to the different elohiym’s that they have taught you to love and worship.

Therefore you are children of your own blood and your own circumcisions or lack thereof.

Reuel had dual names that were given to us in the testimony of His word.

The other name that YEHWEH’s word calls him by is Jethro.

This name comes from a word that is often used to refer to the remnant or to the remaining of something.

Those of you that the Almighty is going to cause to live through this coming time of affliction are going to have to turn back to doing that which will cause Him to substitute your own blood with His only begotten Son’s shed blood.

Your turning back to doing that which He has restored through His end time Elijah will circumcise the foreskin of your heart if you will do so in both spirit and in truth.

YEHWEH is indeed an Elohiym of bloods and circumcisions and each of us need to become a son-in-law to Him of bloods & circumcisions.

It is indeed ironic that He causes the Danites to have a chair LEFT EMPTYfor the prophet Elijah during the circumcision of their sons.

Elijah is not in the midst of Judaism, the Most High has sent His end time Elijah into the midst of the scattered descendants of Israel and not to those that say they are Jews but are of the synagogue of satan…

…just like He sent His servant Elijah to those of Israel that He had scattered into Samaria and not to Judah.

YEHWEH did not send His servant Elijah to Judah, He sent my predecessor to the dual kings of Israel Ahab and his son Ahaziah.

Ahab reigned for 22 years in Samaria, not in Judah.

Ahab means brother of his father or his father’s brother.

Ahaziah comes from a word that means to be caught or to grab hold of and an abbreviation of YEHWEH.

Therefore it means YEHWEH has seized you and He has delivered you into the captivity.

You are your father’s satan’s brother INSTEAD OF BEING HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON’S BROTHER.

Yehshua was a son of bloods & circumcisions.

He had a circumcised heart and He let our ancestors pour out His blood freely so that it could become the living waters.

Ahaziah sought the elohiym of the extermination who is the husband or the master (baal) of the flies for whether he would die or live.

He did so instead of seeking YEHWEH for the answer to this question.

Elijah turned back with the 3rd set of 50 and 1 men that Ahaziah sent to him to tell him faces to faces that he was going to die because he had done so.

You have done the same.

You have sought the elohiym of Ekron (a.k.a. the elohiym of the extermination who is the husband or the master of the flies) to tell you whether you are going to live or die.

And the master and the husband of the flies, (a.k.a. satan and his servants) has told you DYING YOU WILL NOT DIE just like he told the same thing to THE WIFE EVE in the Most High’s Garden of Delight.

He told her that Elohiym knew that the day that she ate of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…

…that her dual eyes would be open and she would be as Elohiym is to know good from evil.

Satan did not lie to her, this is indeed what happened.

Adam and his wife Eve were cut off from the Most High and from His tree of life as soon as they chose to rebel against Him…

…and this resulted in Him no longer telling them what is good and what is evil in His dual eyes…

…and He let them see that they were naked and He sent them away from His garden of delight to go and continue set themselves up IN HIS STEAD deciding right from wrong for themselves.

This is what He does when we rebel against Him.

He still provided for them, He clothed them when He sent them away however He still sent them away.

In like manner He has continued to provide for you however you have been cut off from His tree of life.

His tree of life is an olive tree.

It represents His dual olive branches that He has sent to tell you what is recorded in His scriptures of truth.

It is what it is.

The name Eve comes from a word that means to show.

And this word for show comes from two words that mean to show and to give ear to a female that is near kin by blood.

This word for a female near kin by blood is used 3 times in the testimony of YEHWEH’s word under 3 different Strong’s numbers.

It is used to refer to Ephraim’s daughter who built upper and lower Beth-horon and Uzzen-sherah.

Uzzen-sherah is another place that this word is used.

It is the word that means to give ear to a female that is near kin by blood that the name Eve comes from.

The other place that this word for a female that is near kin by blood is used is in Leviticus 18, verse 17 where YEHWEH tells us that a man is not to uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter…

…nor her son’s daughter nor her daughter’s daughter because they are females that are near kin by blood.

I will expand upon how this refers to Ephraim along with the rest of Israel giving ear to Mahare’s mother at this time in another video.

It is quite fascinating.

His word tells us that He caused Adam to name Eve this name because she exists as the mother of all living.

Fascinating indeed!

The only time that Elijah contacted a king of Judah directly was WHEN HE SENT A LETTER to Jehoram to tell him that “because he had walked in the pathways of the kings of Israel to cause the people of Jerusalem to play the whore to YEHWEH as well…

…that YEHWEH was going to send a great plague upon his people and upon their children and their wives and upon all of their goods.

Jehoram became king of Judah 4 years after Ahaziah died and he reigned for 8 years.

Elijah was removed from the scene at the time of Ahaziah’s death therefore this letter came sometime between 4 and 12 years later…

…but a closer look tells us that it came 10 years later.

1st Chronicles chapter 21 tells us that YEHEH smote Jehoram with a plague and his bowels fell out at the end of two years.

YEHWEH caused the romans to destroy His house 70 years after He caused them to kill His only begotten Son.

Tomorrow’s 1st day of the 10th month will be 70 days after the end of the two years.

The two years that I am referring to are the dual years that He orchestrated to follow the 1,260 day of His 42 month witness against you.

The point is Judaism’s waiting for Elijah to come and sit in this empty chair is ironic.

The irony is this;

Like with my predecessor Elijah the Most High has sent me into the descendants of Israel AND NOT INTO THE LAND OF JUDAH…



So in fact Elijah has returned to sit in his seat of authority that the Most High has given to me as the head of Judah and the head of all of Israel.

His word is indeed dynamic!!!

Elijah’s seat is not found in Judaism’s traditions and this is why this chair remains empty.

And the uncircumcised hearts of both of the houses of Israel (referring to christianity and judaism) certainly do flourish in both of these blasphemous houses.

In light of the Most High sending His end time Elijah forth with that which He will use to circumcise your uncircumcised hearts, this empty chair irony that the Most High has orchestrated at their “circumcision” ceremonies is indeed a statement that He is making at this time.

And so is the 5th cup of wine that is poured for Elijah that I will talk about in a bit.

His causing the Danites to leave Elijah’s chair in place for 3 days in association with circumcision certainly does so as well.

So now it is just a matter of which 3 days His orchestrating all of these things represents.

Perhaps tomorrow’s 3rd day will tell us.

Or perhaps tomorrow will be the 1st day of the 3 days that He put so much emphasis upon last year that led to Him raising my dual feet upon the head of His 7 -Zadok steps on the 3rd day of the 10th month.

At this Danite circumcision ceremony a tale is told about some things that allegedly happened at the time that Joshua caused those who passed over the Jordan on dry ground on the 10th day of the 1st month to be circumcised.

There is some misdirection and some twisting of some things that are in told in this tale however it does flow into the real event of Elijah fleeing to Horeb in relation to 40 days and 40 nights.

Tomorrow will be 40 days and 40 nights after the 21st day of the 8th month.

This day was the last day of Jeroboam’s profaned Feast.

It is also the day that the Most High brought His end time Elijah into the world according to His restored calendar.

This small quiet voice prophecy of these 40 days at Horeb is discussed in other videos.

After YEHWEH gives us this prophecy He tells His servant Elijah to go to the wilderness of Damascus to anoint Hazael to be king of Syria.

I looked at the news yesterday morning and the king of Damascus was shown hugging Putin in Sochi.

This unannounced meeting proceeded Putin inviting the kings of Turkey and Iran to meet with him there as well.

Early on YEHWEH told me that the 5 nation confederacy that He is going to use to humble the scattered descendants of Israel are these 4 nations of Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran and the 5th being China.

Perhaps these meetings and this hug are a coincidence.

I also read where Putin met with the Prime Minister of the Danites for a half of an hour after meeting with Assad.

If I remember correctly his meeting with Assad was 3 hours making these dual meetings 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The Danites call Elijah the angel or “the messenger” of the bris (a.k.a. the messenger of the circumcision).

They are spot on.

They are referring to YEHWEH’s Malachi or His “My Messenger” prophecy in saying this.

His “My Messenger” prophecy promises us that He was going to send His end time Elijah to us at this time.

His only begotten Son clearly told us that it will not be Elijah but rather that it will be one that is sent in a similitude of Elijah like John the baptist was sent in a similitude.

All of these things are explained in other videos in more detail.

If I explained all of the proofs of these things that His word gives to us in this video it would be many hours long.

The Danites also say that Elijah will be sent as a harbinger of the Messiah, again they are spot on however this is not going to unfold like they think that it is going to unfold.

Of course I have been sent as a harbinger, YEHWEH’s “My Messenger” prophecy clearly says so.

They say that he will know who is real and who is not real, again they are spot on.

Did Elijah go to the wilderness of Damascus to anoint Hazael?

We are not told however it certainly appears that this happened in the days of his replacement Elisha however not in the way that one is usually anointed with oil.

Instead he was anointed with Elisha’s tears.

I will expand upon this in a minute.

Hazael means Elohiym has looked upon.

He has indeed looked upon your rebellion to Him.

As the chief seat of the scattered descendants and the rest of Israel continue to try to oust the current king of Syria these 5 nations are meeting to conspire how they are going to continue to keep this from happening.

One would think that Turkey would NOT be a player that is on Assad’s side since they despise Assad however sometimes things change.

They change when “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes into play.

This 40 day and 40 night Elijah prophecy also ended with YEHWEH telling His servant Elijah to anoint his replacement Elisha and to anoint Jehu the son of Nimshi to be king over Israel.

He tells us that the house of Ahab is going to be destroyed through these 3 meaning through Elijah’s replacement and the king of Syria and his confederate of nations and a certain king that will serve him in doing so.

Ahab’s house is referring to those of you that have forsaken His covenant and thrown down His Altars and slain His prophets with the sword.

The sword is YEHWEH’s word.

Jehu means the twisting of YEHWEH.

You have twisted His word and you have used your twisting of His word to disannul His prophets.

There are dual sides to this name.

You have twisted His word and who YEHWEH is because He has twisted your brains to cause you to do so.

Nimshi comes from a word that means to draw out.

YEHWEH has sent His end time Elijah and the rest of that which He is sending upon you to draw you out from the captivity at this time.

Jehu the son of Nimshi was far from a righteous king however YEHWEH knew that he was going to serve him with zeal in destroying the house of Ahab and the servants of baal so He used him to do so.

This Elijah prophecy tells us that those that escape from the sword of Hazael the king of Syria will die by the sword of Jehu and that those that escape from the sword of Jehu will die by the sword of Elijah’s replacement Elisha.

Elijah did anoint Elisha to be his replacement at that time however we are not told that he anointed Hazael or Jehu like YEHWEH told him to.

This is because these things are matters of end time prophecies and not just for that which He orchestrated on a physical plain as foreshadows of the here and the now.

Instead later on we are told that his replacement Elisha sent some other men to go and anoint Jehu and the anointing of Hazael is not what one would think it would be.

I do not know who the modern day Jehu of this prophecy is however it looks very much like it is Putin because he is certainly emerging as the ring leader of this confederacy of nations and he is certainly showing his zeal in serving the Most High in the manner that he is.

His prophecies to not always unfold in cookie-cutter manner like one might think that they ought to.

Events in YEHWEH word often unfolded here a little and there a little just like they are unfolding and being manifested to us at this time.

YEHWEH sent Hazael upon Israel only in part and then He sent Jehu to do the bulk of the killing of Ahab’s house and then He sent the Hazael upon Israel afterwards and Elisha never did any killing in this whatsoever.

Instead (in the days of Ben-hadad) he led a band of Syrians that YEHWEH had blinded to the king of Israel and he told the king of Israel to feed them and to give them waters and to send them home.

This 40 day and 40 night Elijah/Mount Horeb prophecy is a prophecy that is for 7 billion dying at this time.

You are going to die because you are going to continue to bow down to your make believe husbands (baals).

Ben-hadad sent Hazael to Elisha to ask him if he was going to recover from his disease.

Ben-hadad had sent his servant Hazael to Elisha with 40 camels laden with gifts as part of this inquiry.

Do these 40 camels parallel the 40 days from the 21st day of the 8th month that take us to tomorrow?


Elisha told him that Ben-hadad would be able to recover from his disease however he told him that YEHWEH had showed him that he was still going to die anyway.

He told Hazael that he would be king of Syria however the only actual anointing that Elisha did that day was with his tears.

Hazael asked him why he was weeping and he told him that it was because he knew of all the evils that he was going to do to the children of Israel and to their families after he became king of Syria.

Hazael then asked him if he was a dog that he would say that he would do such a thing.

Elisha’s answer to him was that he would return to be king over Syria and this is what happened.

Hazael returned and killed Ben-hadad and he took over the helm.

Ahab had 70 sons in Samaria that Jehu killed.

Is this symbolic of the 70 days from the end of two years that I spoke of earlier?

He also slew all of the prophets of baal.

Baal is the word for a husband or a master.

He appointed 80 men for this slaughter.

80 days from the end of the 1,260 days will be the 11th day of the 10th month; this day last year was the last day of the 440 days.

The Most High put a great deal of significance upon this day last year in His warning cry that He has sent me with.

The next day was the 1st day of the 1st tier of the 3 ½ -80 day Nazarite vows of the appointed time, dual appointed times and half of an appointed time.

YEHWEH rewarded Jehu for the good that he had done in purging baal from Israel and destroying the house of Ahab…

…however He was still displeased with him for not getting rid of the dual golden calves in Bethel and Dan that Jeroboam had made and also because he did not walk in YEHWEH’s Torah with all of his heart.

Therefore He began to cut off Israel by sending Hazael the king of Syria to smite them on their borders at this time.

Jehu rained over Israel for 28 years.

The 330th day that I spoke of earlier was on the 28th day of the 9th month.

The child that is circumcised at the bris is put on Elijah’s chair prior to the circumcision and some words are spoken over him.

These words include the following;

“Those who love Your Torah have abounding peace and there is no stumbling for them.”

Again they are spot on so why would they let their so-called rabbis teach them to profane His Torah from one end of it to the other?

They go on to end these words with the following;

“Happy is the man You choose and bring near TO DWELL IN YOUR COURTYARDS; we will be satiated with THE GOODNESS OF YOUR HOUSE, YOUR HOLY TEMPLE.”

Again they are spot on, His end time Elijah is this man, His word says so.

His house is here, His word says so.

I said that a 5th cup of wine is poured at their seder in honor of Elijah.

When they pour this cup it is their tradition to open the door to let Elijah in.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

When the Most High caused His end time Elijah to fly into Tel Aviv they slammed the door of the plane in my faces when they sent me back to Greece on the next flight back therefore I have only been able to correspond with them through letters and not faces to faces.

And so have the rest of you that have continued to steal from the Most High per His Elijah/My Messenger prophecy.

After they open the door they recite several verses and beseech YEHWEH to pour out His wrath upon their persecutors and their oppressors.

They obviously think that He is with them.

If He was, why does He let the blasphemous dome of the rock continue to stand where it stands?

Why do they hide behind their military and such?

No, Elijah was not sent to the physical land of Judah then, nor has he been sent to this land at this time.

However these 1,080 videos and the texts to them certainly contain many letters from Elijah to the Danites that dwell there just like they contain many letters to the scattered descendants of Israel.

In light of them pouring this 5th cup of wine in honor of the prophet Elijah….

…and in light of the Most High putting the wine cup of the fierceness of His hot indignation into His end time Elijah’s hand at this time…

…and in light of the 5 smooth stones that He has put in my shepherd’s bag….

…and in light of the Most High sending forth what causes Him to turn the waters of His statutes into the pure blood of the grapes (referring to His only begotten Son’s shed blood) though His end time Elijah…

…it is indeed ironic that the rebellious house of Judaism opens the door for Elijah after they pour this 5th cup of the blood of the grapes on the Passover night and they petition the Most High to pour out His wrath.

The dual houses of Israel are soon going to be shown that the only people that His wrath is going to pass over are those who are in the process of having the foreskins of their hearts circumcised.

It is what it is.

The Most High is indeed an Elohiym of bloods and circumcisions.

The Danites say that Elijah comes to their Seder to “testify” that all present are indeed circumcised.

They are soon going to be shown that the Most High’s end time Elijah has been sent to testify on His behalf to them and to the rest of Israel THAT YOU ARE NOT CIRCUMCISED.

Instead your hearts are bitterly obstinate.

There is an unanswered question in their Talmud of whether there are supposed to be 4 cups or 5 cups of wine poured that night.

This also parallels the 5th day of the 4th month.

This is also one of the 4 dates that His word gives to us for when He is going to open wide His end time Elijah’s mouth.

The 4 cups correspond to the 4 “expressions of redemption” that are promised by Elohiym.

He will indeed redeem those who will turn back to Him with all of your heart and with your entire life and with all vehemence.

They say that the 5th cup corresponds to the 5th expression of redemption which comes in the following;

“I will bring you to the Land. . .”

They acknowledge that this expression is an allusion to the future messianic redemption that will be announced by Elijah AND THAT THEY HAVE NOT YET EXPERIENCED THIS REDEMPTION.

Again they are spot on.

However they are also dead wrong.

And so are the rest of the descendants of Israel.